I am feeling insecure lately: Advice?

I’ve been with my spouse for a long time. We have ventured into the poly/swinging world before a couple of times. I was feeling particularly lonely and unattractive lately, so I asked if we could start talking to or initiating conversations with other like-minded couples. My spouse agreed. Since then, I’m feeling more insecure about the attention my spouse is getting and want to return to “normal” (meaning without others in our relationship), but I feel SO guilty. My significant other is very excited about the attention he’s receiving. I love seeing him so happy, but for some reason, this time, I’m feeling very jealous and insecure. I don’t want to “take away his fun and happiness,” but I am constantly crying when he’s not around. He told me that we could stop whenever I want to, but I can tell it will hurt him. I’m conflicted. Please help? What would you do? Will my feelings pass?


Your happiness is important too… so you have to be open and honest with him that the current situation is no longer working for you.

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Why don’t you stop bro g other people into the “fix” and work on yourself-no one else!


Bad decision on your side


You need to tell him how you feel. If you have to involve other people in your relationship to try to feel happy, somethings not working…


Who would’ve thought bringing other people Into your relationship would eventually cause a problem​:man_shrugging::ok_hand:


Your happiness is important too. If he’s happy then explain to him that your not and this just isn’t working for you anymore and tell him you would like it to go back to just being the two of you. Communication is key in a relationship like that.


You should see a therapist… asap girl…

Because all these life decisions are iffy at best​:woman_shrugging::woman_facepalming:


You’re disgusting. And clearly stupid.


If doing this once made you guys both happy, maybe just step it up? Get all dolled up take sexy pictures build your confidence from within and it’ll come back to you in return :blush: the more you feel down about yourself, the less attention you’ll receive like you want from others the whole “gotta love yourself before others can” deal. Maybe talk to your husband about how much he’s doing it, ask him to lay low for a bit, or do like I said put in the work and get your confidence back
P.s dont listen to these other judgemental fucks, if this is what works for you and your husband more power to you!(:

Tell your spouse how you feel, i am sure he will understand and make you feel better.

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“Mamas Uncut” what does this have to do with children? U didn’t even mention if u HAVE children… Umm…


Talk to him. If you’re feeling insecure, he should know. That kind of relationship is only going to work if both of you are comfortable with it, and you’re not. If it’s bothering you this much it will only end in disaster. While you’re worried about hurting him, you’re suffering and I doubt that’s something he wants.


Sad world you both are in straighten up get another life together


Affairs with permission. Hmmm?


You might as well just sleep around I personally think its disgusting if you love each other you wouldnt want to bring someone else in the relationship. You also have to be bisexual that my opinion.


Can you not replace that attention with attention FROM YOU. Maybe being a little extra daring or playful could also help you boost your confidence


If he loves you, then you’re the one who should bring him happiness.

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Stop before it cost you your marriage


Can I recommend a group that will welcome you with open arms to talk about this. Reply to my comment I’ll send you an invite. It’s a gr8 mom group for “after dark” stuff but is cannabis friendly FYI