I am going through a divorce and need some advice on joint custody and child support. Can anyone help?

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Following for myself also.

What are your questions?

If you get joint custody as 50/50 neither one pays child support.

If it’s truly 50/50 than no child support. But will child live with both parents? There are different types of custody. What’s the question. Feel free to message me if you’d like

Depends on where you are/laws in your state. My brother in law has 50/50 and still has to pay child support.


It’s going to be a long process. Joint also means no child support in a lot of cases, but some do pay child support. Every situation is different.

not true on the 50/50 you can still get child support whoever makes more pays in pa atleast


Do what ever you can to mediate. Think about eachother and your children, put your anger and all other feelings aside. Do what works for everyone. Taking everything from one parent or the other doesn’t work for any party involved


We did 2-2-3 Vs the 7/7 split.

All depends on the state you live in

All depends the state you live in and the circumstances surrounding the divorce. When I divorced I got full custody of my kids with absolutely no visitation allowed for my ex husband he can’t even call me and ask about the kids or come around. And he is still required to pay child support (not that I ever see it). Every divorce is gonna be different on how custody is arranged

Joint custody is hard. If you cannot agree on parenting situations now, know that it will get increasingly difficult. I regret not fighting for full custody. My lawyer said over and over (but I didn’t listen), “Is easier to fight now than later.”
We have 50/50 custody and because at the time of divorce we were making a similar salary, there’s no child support. He pays for all medical insurance and is supposed to pay 51% of all out of pocket, but he doesn’t (and it’s not all that easy to enforce).
3 years ago my daughter refused to go to get father’s any longer. We have to go to mediation but 1. It’s not cheap 2. He isn’t making it easy. I did the calculations of what he would be required to pay for support for her and offered him $200 less a month of we skip mediation. Nope.

I have primary custody and he is supposed to take them every other weekend. I suggested a 50/50 and he turned it down. So since they are with me more than half the time, he can’t claim them on his taxes.
My lawyer wanted us to come up with our own plan to show we are working together and the judge approved it. Child support was ordered. I make more than him but he pays no bills.

My husband has 50-50
Sunday Monday Tuesday with mom
Wednesday’s alternate
Thursday’s Friday Saturday’s with dad.
No child support NYS.

My step son HATES that schedule as there’s so much flip flopping between homes. He has to bring stuff to school that he has to bring back home ( football equipment mostly)
And there’s no stability for him so his behaviors is all over the place because by the time he gets settled in one home he has to leave

Been this way since he was 3 he’s now 10.

Week on week off would be better in my opinion

If it won’t be civil definitely get a lawyer.