I am having issues with my boyfriend and him helping financially: Thoughts?

My boyfriend and I have been together 2 years he has a 11 year old son living with him and a 6 year old daughter he sees every other weekend we have a 7 month old baby and another on way my question is he pays $200 support for his daughter (signed legal papers) plus always treats her to McDonalds or pizza everytime he has her so spends $25/$30 each time we have argued over this topic alot he doesnt pay me support I told him to get stuff for baby because he was struggling financially not for long time just short term but he only ever gets 1 can of formula once a month ($40) and argues he sees baby and is with him so that should be enough and I always want more and more just because I’m asking him to provide a little more financially he says he works hard for his money and should be able to spend as he wants it’s so frustrating because it’s like he doesnt respect me as his gf and want to financially provide for our infant but he spends 4 times as much for his daughter he tries to turn it on me like I’m asking too much I’m not sure how to end this on going arguement and make him understand he needs to equally provide for all kids especially an infant please only positive advice!


Put him on child support.


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Then why the hell u with him get your shit together and leave

Tell him what you need him to provide every month, or how much you need from every month and if he doesn’t, put him on child support


(Dump him and) go after him for court ordered child support


Make him pay child support. It sounds like hes buying his daughter’s love since he doesnt see her as much,so he wants her to be happy and have whatever she wants to compensate. Nothing will change unless you make changes.


Well if your gonna be treated like a single mom and work like a single mom…then be a single mom and take his ass for Child support. (Coming from a single mom). It gets harder the older they get.

Court ordered child support. Now.


My husband always uses the excuse its my money and inearned it ill.spend it how I want it pisses me.off. hes on CS for his son and I’m pregnant with our child who’s due in may and he refuses to buy anything yet. Makes me so mad its all me

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choose a man with a couple of kids, you’ll deal with him paying support. Period. If he doesn’t pay child support to those kids, what makes you in a million years thing he’d support yours should something happen? You chose him. You knew he had kids. You knew he had a child support order. Deal with it. And why on earth would he pay child support on YOUR kids if you’re together? YOU BOTH should be supporting YOUR kids together— If you’re fed up, walk away and go after him for child support through the courts, but you can bet your backside his previous kids will get the most benefit from a court ordered child support too. pick your battle sister


You have to realize your kids arent his only kids. He had one before you came around. He should be buying stuff to help with your kids to though. If he cant then he needs to pay you chikd support. If he can make those babies ve needs to support them all.


Send him receipts every time you guys baby stuff and tell him he needs to reimburse half if he doesn’t want to pay for his baby and obviously can tell him you will just file for child support then and he won’t get the option to or not $40 a month is bullshit

That’s awful sounds like my brothers wife.

He needs to understand they’re all his kids and he shares responsibility for all of them not just 1 or 2 he chose to make another baby knowing the financial situation so if he can’t help he should be out and on support payments


Put him on child support.

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It sounds like he’s not doing enough for any of them. $200.00 a month for a 6 year old isn’t much at all. He needs to step it up for his daughter and your baby


Damn… make him pay fuckin bills… or kick him out he will figure out quickly what his hard earned money should go for

Do you all live together? Do you work? Is it financial? or are you jealous? There’s a lot left to ponder in this… If you’re that hard up for funds, file paternity & file for child support. Seems like you knew how he is & had a baby with him anyways…


Sounds like he needs to grow up. When you have kids, your money becomes their money. Shape up or ship out.