I am having trouble making mom friends: Advice?

So I have a three-year-old son. It’s starting to get cold outside, so we mostly stay home. I’ve tried making friends, and it seems like maybe I’m a little on the bubbly side. (don’t make fun) I get really excited when I meet another mom of a young boy or boys. I tend to talk fast and sometimes squeal when we have something in common. I have to seriously hold back and tell myself to be calm when I meet other moms. My husband travels for work, and I don’t get much adult interaction outside of my job. However, I’m not sure where to meet new people. We’ve lived here for roughly six months, and I’ve spoken to several moms but no friendships. Example: A mother was letting her son ride his bike while following behind. My son was super excited to see him, so they stopped and hung out for a while. We discussed the boy’s interests, behaviors, favorite characters, and so on. I asked if she lived nearby and she said yes. I told her they were welcome over anytime or maybe we could do a play date at the park she agreed that it would be fun. I never saw them again… I could use some advice.


I have no advice really BUT I’d love to know who this is because it sounds just like me!! You sound like a wonderful person to be friends with!


Sorry… but I avoid moms like you like the plague lol.


Following because same ! Except I’m an introvert

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You sound super fun! I’m an introvert, so your bubbly personality does all the work and eases social anxiety. I wonder if that mom maybe lost your number or something, though I know it’s hard to give the benefit of the doubt. Keep trying, and look into church or mother’s of preschoolers groups. Wish I had a 3 year old so I could bump into you!


I have severe add/adhd. Ppl just dont like me…

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The parks departments usually have activities going on for the littles, go to lots of them, & when you meet someone get their number & give yours, or at least connect by social media, then make the first move & initiate a play date at your house. Tell the mom we can netflix & chill, do kiddie & Mommy crafts, or do dinner prep kits together (prep big amounts of food, put in freezer containers to have at later dates).

I’m the exact same way. Have always had trouble, so no advice here.

Good luck!

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I’ll be your friend!!!

I’ll be your friend! We’re all quirky in our own unique wonderful ways!

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Always get people’s deets! And remember that you are not some special case! I think it’s safe to say most stay at home mums feel this way! If you know where she lives knock on her door at a reasonable time and ask if she wants to hang! It’s a two way street, stop waiting for them to come to you! You sound like a cool mom, wish I could be friends with you!


I am the same way. I have word vomit everytime I have adult interactions. Being a sahm is hard. Most moms are really busy and dont have the energy to make time to make friends. Ive learned you have to be the initiator to start with in order to make mom friends. I would get the moms number and ask them to coffee on me and a play date. Then keep pushing them to come hangout. They will reliaze how valuable the friendship is and start to make time for it. I only know this because a good friend of mine did this for me and if she hadnt pushed me a little to be her friend I dont think I would of had the energy or made the effort to because I was dealing with so much already that the little bit of downtime I did get I just slept. Good luck momma! Good friends is a true blessing.


I have no mom friends near me since we moved a year ago and I’m a SAHM. I have the same problem but I’m the opposite. I am so shy, quiet, and have social anxiety. Talkative people fill in the gaps and silence so it isn’t so bad.


try toddler time at the library


As a mother of four, I understand how you must feel, but don’t be so hard on yourself it’s only been six month’s. Continue to be who you are and the frievds you need will find you soon enough. All the best hun

I’m from New Hampshire if anyone needs a mom friend!

Try a mommy and me class

Where is the mammabear from?

I have this issue, but I’m the opposite. I’m more of an introvert whose shy and very socially awkward lol. I’ve found that joining mom groups on facebook has helped a ton.

Where are you located