I am having upper abdomen pain: Advice?

I m 13 weeks pregnant; my upper abdomen is hurting, I want to know if it is normal?


Call your doctor? No matter what people on here comment they can’t help you.


Call your doctor every pregnancy is different


Stop asking random people online and call your Doctor.

First, call your doc
Second, sounds like a fart

Is this page "hello doctor ? Call a doctor womam

I had that was my gallbladder call your doctor asap. If your stool looks pale you have stones

Upper right side? Gallbladder issues can be common in pregnancy. Make sure to see the doctor.


I would drink more water and definitely call the doctor but it could just be your ribs stretching depending on the kind of pain

I went from a 32 in a bra to a 36. Not comfortable

I would go see a doctor and just take it easy until you’re able to get in to see the doctor I’m 14 weeks pregnant and I had that problem and then I started bleeding so I would definitely see a doctor as soon as possible my baby’s fine but definitely see a doctor and bring it to their attention so they can find out what’s going on

It could just be bloating. I remember being SO bloated and uncomfortable during the end of my first trimester… it was high up and on both sides. I felt like my stomach was HUGE but I wasn’t actually showing yet, besides looking a little swollen and puffy. Drink more water and try to move around as much as you can. It does pass, but it’s the WORST! If it were later on I would wonder if it was round ligament pain but it may be too early for thag

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Gallbladder? Acid reflux? Milk helped me.

I had upper abdomen pain right a couple months ago after I found out I was pregnant.
Thought it was appendicitis and wound up being a kidney stone!
Definitely make sure to go to tour dr and get checked out.

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Gallbladder. Id go get checked out just to be safe. I was in the hospital and it was alot of sludge in the gallbladder and within 3 weeks the ambulance was getting me i couldnt breathe and qhen got to hospital was rushed in for emergency surgery i had so many stones starting to block the duct.

Call your OB. That symptom is too vague. Could be nothing. Could be something.

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Indigestion 3rd pregnancy each one had this but ad still tell your midwife asap to be safe that what they for xx

mine hurt ALL the time and it was nothing. but. always call for concern

When I was pregnant my upper abdomen and upper back hurt so bad. Sometimes lasted for hours…felt like I had pulled muscles. Turned out I had gallstones.

Definitely see your doc.


My last pregnancy I would get what started like heartburn, then my entire tummy would tighten and I’d have pain worse than labor. Sometimes it’d last 30 mins. The most was 7 straight hours of pain that wouldn’t go away no matter what I did. It ended up being my gallbladder and I had to wait 2 months after birth to have it taken out. All the pain started in the upper abdomen.