I am in an awkward situation with my neighbors down the road: Advice?

I’m in an awkward situation because around the end of summer, I met this mom of 2 who lives right down the road, and her boys and my son hit it off great. Well she freaked on me bc my son rung her doorbell she was working 3rd, but her husband always had the door open when my son was getting off the bus bc their boys loved playing with my son. I was pushing my youngest in the stroller, and when my son sees his friends, he is a quick man, haha, she stormed out. Didn’t say shit to me. Bitched to her husband about having to go to the store bc obviously he wasn’t (I’m guessing because we were there, but it was a daily thing not the doorbell thing and only for like 35minutes before we went home and always stayed in the front yard.* and then she sped off. I made a loop around, put her window down, and yelled, “maybe you two should just fucking exchange phone numbers instead of ringing the goddamn doorbell” in front of my son (3 at the time) and her two boys (1.5 and almost 3) then sped off. Then they came to my son’s birthday party about two weeks later as nothing happened. She gave me her number. I gave her mine. Figured it was done with. Well, I have literally seen her once since before Halloween. I’ve texted her. My son has been asking to go play with her oldest bc he says that’s his best friend. Idk. Its gonna be interesting when the weather starts to warm up, and her youngest wants to walk to the water tower again bc they have to go right by my house. IDK what to do, I understand it sucks being woken up when you’re exhausted. It only happened once, and her husband always kept the door open bc he knew what time I was getting my son off the bus, and I know he had to have heard his boys get all excited once the bus pulls up bc they know that means they will be able to play.


It’s seems , she and her husband have some issues to work out.


I wouldn’t trust her with my kid from that outburst.


Ignore it, sounds like it’s her.

Strate up ask her what her problem is

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Sounds like shes off her meds…seriously?? This lady’s not right. I would distance myself from her…n wouldn’t leave my child with her unsupervised.

I’m a little bit confused by the whole post, what’s working 3rd? Seems to me she thinks because you’re coming over so much you may be seeing her husband? Idk I didn’t really understand a lot of the post

I think you’re over thinking it.

This was kiiiinda hard to understand, and was all over the place.


What did I read? I’m confused


This annoyed me and I’m not even involved…


Ummm girl this is kinda hard to understand.


I truly can’t even comprehend what I just read… :woman_facepalming:t2:


Be mature and talk to her calmly like adults . Boom resolved .

I think it was just a overly tired woman in a bad mood that day.


Maybe you wore your welcome out by stopping daily. Idc if I’ve been busy or what my situation is,I don’t want people at my house everyday even if its for 5 mins.


When u know shes not there, talk to the husband. He sounds reasonable. However, i wouldnt advise going there daily (even if its only for half an hour)…they get busy too and have a life to live outside of stopping to play every single day, especially on weekdays/schooldays. Theres dinner, errands, homework, baths…Make it only a weekend play thing. Tell her that too, that only playing on weekends, and she might be ok with that. If not, shes nuts :joy:


Besides the fact that this was all over the place, I think I kinda got what you were asking… You’re over thinking all this. Your kids 3, they don’t have best friends. Hell everyone’s their best friend. And since Halloween isn’t that long. As a working Mom there is barely any free time around the holidays. Most families do all sorts of activities and gatherings during the holidays. I have friends I haven’t even talked to since summer because my family & I have been so busy.


So for what I understood is that the mother seems to be frustrated about being woke up and people there every day when she’s got to work. maybe try explaining to your son that you can’t be with someone 24/7 and maybe scheduled days we’re all of you as a family and friends could hang out that means you the children significant other and their children and them too. I know I don’t like people at my house 24/7 when I have things to do it is kind of frustrating when people randomly stop by I understand the children want to play together but maybe clear it ahead of time before the child gets off the bus and see if it’s okay. it could just simply be that maybe the mother was even just having a bad day and wanted her husband to go to the store but he didn’t want to go because his friends came over with their children to play with his children. It never hurts to make plans and schedule ahead before just stopping by because I know it can be frustrating especially if people had something planned

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You made no sense lady. My advice to you, is to think, write, read it back to yourself and check all errors before asking the group for advice :woman_shrugging: we can’t help you, if we cannot understand you.