I am in love with someone much younger than me: Advice?

A single mama question. I’m 41 and have two grown children and grandchildren. My question is I’m 41 and in love with a 25 yr old ( yes Ik what you’re thinking). Both my children know the guy and honestly don’t have an issue with it. My thing is he talks to me, comes to see me, etc., but he has an issue with us actually being a couple because of the age difference. He states that it does not bother him, but he worries about what the community and his family would say. This has been going on now for 3 yrs, and he still tells me often how much he is in love with me, and he wants us together. Many times I’ve walked away, but a few months later, when he contacts me, I simply can’t make myself stand my ground, so I get hurt all over again. Pls, someone, give me advice on what to do!! Yes, I know it’s a huge age difference, but I was always taught you see a person for their inside, not the age, color, shape, etc. Please Help Me


He is using you. If he loved you like he says, then he wouldn’t keep hurting you. And how many more years are you willing to put up with it…because he will do it until you stop putting up with it


Y’all are both adults. No-one else’s business. Do you and be happy

He’s ashamed of the relationship, walk way away


He says it doesn’t bother him…but it bothers him. Run!!


He will eventually walk away himself so you need to decide what heartache you are prepared to endure…him leaving you or you leaving him.
Stop wasting your valuable time.


If, after 3 years , he is still concerned about what others think., then maybe , he is not really mature enough for the relationship .
Personally., i believe it is no one elses business.
IF this relationship does continue , you really need to talk about the possibility of his wanting children in the future & IF you want more .
IF you decide - that it is over , then block all avenues of contact .


Age is just a number. If you love him as he does you.Then no one should come between that. You only have one life to live. Live it loving the man whom God put there for you. Love hard and dont let anyone come between that. If you and your children are happy then that’s all that matters.You need to tell him that he cant worry about what people think.Its noones business.Good Luck and God Bless.

Sounds to me like he enjoys the fact you are always waiting around for him and you give him what he wants without the commitment or having to actually work for it. He’s embarrassed by it or he wouldn’t still be playing games. Cut the child off and find a man.


Find someone who will treat you right and not just use you.Let go.

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16 years isn’t much difference, but if he is acting like a punk,move on,coming from a man


Don’t waste your time. Forget the age difference if he really loved you he wouldn’t care about what people say or have enough respect for you to stay away from you to be free to find someone who will cherish you like you deserve

Be honest with yourself first. I believe if the feelings you share were the same, you probably wouldn’t be asking fb. Your still young enough to move on with someone closer to your age. If you spend 20 more years you’ll be in your 60s and too old to even think about a new relationship. He won’t even be 50 yet and will probably still look good and make a new family with a younger woman.

Hes not in love with u if u are a secret!


Block him hes playing games with u then u wont lap in a weak moment

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Nothing is wrong with his age. I am uncomfortable with his level of maturity.


Girl , cut him loose! You deserve better !!


Sorry, he’s using you. You should be smarter in your game. When I was dating in my late 30’s, I dated a 24 year old for a year. He wouldn’t commit. I cut ties and told him to kick rocks. I wasn’t getting any younger! 8 months later, I met my soulmate and the love of my life. Celebrating our first year happily married next month and 4 years together.

You already know you need to walk away. You stay because it’s comfortable and the dating scene is a nightmare. But ask yourself this… while he’s eating up your life, could you be missing out on the love of your life, who is desperately searching for you? This guy is a waste of time.

Walk away. If he isn’t there for you then that speaks volumes. Who cares if he is younger. Go find a younger guy that worships you!

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Been in that situation I eventually left because if he cant be seen with you because of family or friends then he’s ashamed of you because of your age he doesn’t love you enough to show you off and be proud to have you