I am in my third trimester and tired all the time: Advice?

How can I beat the 3rd-trimester exhaustion? I am literally tired all the time and cannot keep up with my toddler or housework. What worked for you, mamas? I need help!


Your body is getting ready for baby to show up. Take your time and dont stress yourself. I get how it can be, I was that way when I was in the third trimester with my 2nd child. Also, make sure you are taking your vitamins.

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sleep and enjoy the last kicks! once baby arrives you wint have the option of being tired!


Nothing!! Third trimester is all about being exhausted. Sorry there is no relief.

I’m finding It the Same At 23weeks Pregnant with my 3rd… I have A 4 year old&7 year old… and the only adult in my household 24/7.

my Advice Is The housework can Wait.(Hard to Say I know) But if even if u Washed up From dinner or Something little Housework At Least you achieved something!

it Took me AGES to stop and listen to my family&parther Now I Just do What i can And leave everything else for another time Harder said then done I Know!

Honestly as long as the house is free of food filth and laundry is done enough so that clothes are available in a basket, and there’s a clear path to the door in case of fire or whatever I say you’re doing fine.


I slept from 8am to 4pm (son came home from school at 4) throughout my pregnancy…

Lol it doesn’t go away it gets worse take the time to sleep when you can. Bc once baby is here it’ll be a different exhaustion. I’m in 3rd too 35 weeks. And this is how i feel.

Lots of lazy snuggle time! Finding little games to play. Take a b12 vitamin to help kee0 energy up!

I had the same problem with my 3rd, u just have to get past the mess do what u can and dont stress…dont let the house get dirty but organization isn’t necessary…if theres toys everywhere sometimes just let it be…clothes in the laundry basket a couple days, oh well🤷‍♀️ good luck

Same I’m 29 weeks and constantly exhausted :sleeping:

Was gonna follow cause I’m 37 weeks with the same issue but since there’s no cure I think we’re kinda stuck girl😭 my 2 year old makes it very hard to rest so I’ve been doing the WRONG thing & having an extra cup of coffee on top of my 1 I have every morning

use this time to get ready for months of no sleep… house will NOT be perfect long as its not filthy and garbage laying around etc… let it go momma… focus on what HAS to be done and do those in spurts then take a break nap etc then when u get up to go pee or what ever if u see something that needs put away on your way through the house do it but dont stress… listen to your body

I feel you. 37 weeks right now and completely exhausted. On top of already being tired, I now have to homeschool my 2 other kiddos.

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I just entered my third trimester and also my third child. I have been told especially for us women over 30 the first and third trimester is the hardest. I was a zombie in my first. As a mother of two kids now honestly get your rest, toddler proof a room for your child now and lay on the couch while they play. Housework as long as you don’t leave food lay around and it’s not filthy everything else can wait.

I couldn’t help the sofa naps I took while in the 3rd trimester. My body needed it and even a 20 minute power nap was enough to get me through the evening, though most days were around an hour :joy::woman_shrugging:t2: make the most of the naps you can sneak in now and just do what you can. Try not to feel guilty too as your body needs it right now and as long as you’re doing the essentials, there’s no harm in taking the rest you need to get through the rest of pregnancy. I have my newborn now and wish I’d slept more :heart:

Pregnancy when you have another small child is not easy. It is my recommendation to prioritise things.

Obviously the needs of your small child are very important and he needs to be attended to.

Leave the washing and other household chores for another day. Ask friends or family to help out on occasion. If you are lucky enough to be able to afford a house cleaner, that is also a great option.

Keep activities low key (ones that do not take up a lot of energy).

If your small child still has day naps, sleep while he is sleeping. Also early nights to bed might be a go. It does sound like you need as much sleep as possible.

Drinking plenty of water and eating a healthy whole food diet can also help to boost energy levels. Avoid too many sugar drinks and foods as once the sugar rush has passed, it can leave you feeling tied and lethargic.

Get outside and enjoy some sunlight and fresh air. It can do you wonders and help lift your spirits.

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