I am insecure about my body: Advice?

Answer: dudes honestly don’t care about chest size. We truly don’t. What IS a turn off is when a woman doesn’t take care of themselves in general (especially postpartum*). Go to the gym, keep moving. Effort is 500% more attractive than “just letting yourself be”. You will also feel so much better about yourself in the process.


I have a love hate relationship with mine😂🤷😂🤷😂🤷

I have larger boobs and i so envy you less slop on your chest less backache and just general ease in lifting things etc. Be thankful for what you have


Small books here! I literally have no cleavage and its annoying. I have just learned to accept it. My husband is happy with me just the way I am so that makes me feel better about it.

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Body is amazing just look what it has done, giving you two beautiful children. What do you find attractive about people? For me it’s usually a great personality and a sense of humor. I would be thankful for what I have. My friend has cancer and is going through treatments be happy with healthy and lemons LOL

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You just have to learn to love yourself. Remember God doesn’t make mistakes. You have what you were mint to have and you are beautiful.

Start slowly once a day (pick a time like when your getting dressed or undressed) out loud say something you love about you (legit anything, your soul, smile, whatever it may be) some days it might be the same thing. But one day you going to see how those lemons are lemonade with the rest of your body, soul etc… I don’t know if your with babies daddy but them lemons nourished two wonderful children and your babies daddy loved them, why shouldn’t you! :heart_eyes::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Speak it into existence! Overall, find something beautiful about your body and tell yourself its beautiful. If you do it consistently with different things about you it helps alot.

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When I was younger after my shower I would stand in my mirror and say your beautiful, this looks beautiful that looks beautiful, my body is gorgeous and I actually started to believe it till I had my kids, really need to start doing it again

Lemon boobs are dope. I like mine more then when I was flat chested :sweat_smile:

I miss my small chest I litterally was to small for even an A size and now 2 kids later my son’s 8 months and breastfeeding oh my lanta they hang down like bannanas 🤦

I hate having big boobs. Having big boobs I get stared at alk the time. Can’t ever find anything that fits right


I’d kill for lemon boobs! Mine just hang there :sob:


Girl I feel u my boobs so small when I lay down they just disappear and I am very insecure so thank u for asking

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I got no but I hate it wear a push up bra makes you look bigger I hate not Haveing a but doing lots of squats

5"11 but boobs bigger than my head. The pain over the years. Id kill to be flat

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Being a girl sucks sometimes.

I think we all struggle with self image, whether someone says they don’t or not. I have come to embrace my new body and have realized it’s not the same body that I fit into little black dresses to go clubbing in. I’ve never been “petite” to begin with so, I’ve kind of had to embrace that, I’m 5’10 and look fucking phenomenal at 200 lbs. My boobs have always been big and not perky since 8th grade.

As mothers, our bodies shift in order to carry life. I remind myself that my saggy boobs fed my babies (breast or pump) and gave them comfort to rest their little cheeks against. My soft tummy carried life, like LITERAL LIFE, a breathing human. That’s pretty insane if you really think about.y soft tummy that my toddler uses as a pillow is his favorite spot and he doesn’t look at it any other way. My soft tummy that my 10 month old crawls on, gives her such a smile while she plays. My C Section scar and the little lovely flap above it, shows my battle wound of carrying two lives, who are half of me and my husband. My babies who heard my heartbeat from the inside.

We carry HUMANS inside of us and have this idea that our bodies are “unacceptable”. Our bodies are testaments to incredible things. I’m all about being healthy and active, but we aren’t the 21 year old in a tight sparkle mini skirt and tube top at the club anymore…just remember what your body has gone through and how it’s been there for you, our bodies deserve our love :two_hearts:


Just wear it and flaunt it no one can body shame you we are all different

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The smaller your boobs are now the less you have to hang when you get older. Believe me. It’s not a bad thing to have small boobs. It’s a blessing

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Girl I wish I had lemons these suckers are heavy and make my back hurt the smaller the better we all have something we don’t like about ourselves