I Am Irritated with My Kids All Day, Every Day: Advice?


"I don’t know how to deal with stress when my kids are so bad?

I know they are just kids, but I find myself being extremely irritated with them all day. Anyone have any tips to help me manage? LOL, any help would be appreciated."

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“I have a 5yo, 2yo, and a 1mo. I pretend I’m a daycare teacher and think oh today’s gonna be great bc not too many kids are here today. I can handle 3 plus I’ll only be alone for a few hours. If I get upset I think about how a daycare teacher would react. I called my 5yo daughter “my friend” today. I still get angry and have a holler if I need to truly. Mostly towards the end of the day lol. One of my mottos is genuinely fake it till you make it. You just have to have an outlet or else you’ll have outbursts that you may turn out to regret.”

“All these people suggesting drugs and alcohol… that’s crazy. lol although I do enjoy smoking to ease my stress… I don’t like to be stoned around my child…soon to be children. I think it’s important to find time for yourself, a hobby, retail therapy, just get a break. And when you feel like you’re going to explode walk away. Step outside. Give yourself a moment…a lot. Create a schedule. Follow it. It’s good for your kids and you. My son goes to bed at 7-7:30. Every night. I look forward to the peaceful moments and always tell myself the chaos will pass!”

“Have a drink, or smoke a joint!! It helps!”

“Anxiety medicine! Just a low dose is a game-changer, and it is one of the safest forms of medication. When I stayed at home with my kids full time, I would take them outside a lot as well. Vitamin D is good for all! Remember that sometimes when they act out, they are needing more of your attention. Buy a cheap game to play with them or something that will keep their attention (like kinetic sand, play-doh, or coloring).”

“I feel this, I get so irritated over stupid things with them. At the end of the day, I swear I’ll do better tomorrow but it never happens. They know I love them and they love me but it makes me feel like a failure. I guess know when to walk away for some me time, even if it’s a couple of minutes in a secluded room.”

“Get a job to get a break from them and have adult conversations. Honestly, it’s the only thing I’ve found helps.”

“I get the same way and then I remember that THEY ARE NOT TRYING TO ANNOY YOU ON PURPOSE, it is NOT their fault you are in a bad mood or frustrated, they cannot help that. Sit down & play with them, draw a picture with them, let them help you fold a basket of laundry even if that means they’re just balling it up and throwing clothes around the bed. Leave your worries and get to their level and relax. Mainly, they will only be this little once. Enjoy them. If they’re being bad, distract them with a game or something you guys can do together that is easy going.”

“Structure and routine and follow through on everything. Mean what you say and say what you mean! If they’re misbehaving call them on it, lol momma. Parenting is hard unless you draw those distinct lines.”

“First things first, see if you have anxiety. Your kids will pretty much absorb it from you. Second things second, start meditating before you get your kids out of bed and up for the day. Take time for yourself, set your intention, tell yourself ‘today I will be calm and understanding’ because you’re little nuggets don’t know what to do with their feelings either! We gotta lead by example, show them how you handle your own big feelings so they can learn how to handle theirs.”

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You could have to share them. That sucks


Hun with all this lock down and hell since March I think a lot of us parents are like this just because we aren’t getting any time away


I have 5 kids and babysit 3. I feel your pain. It sucks when we can’t really go anywhere.


Meditation, Yoga, a bubble bath. A favorite book, a hobby. A new recipe. Try doing something small for yourself for a mental break. Kids will be kids.


I feel your pain! I hate losing my temper but if they would just mind then life would be so much better


Just stop for a moment, do some stretching, breath and count to 20. Remember it won’t be like this for long. One day soon your kids will be grown and you will wish you had these days back. When your lo goes to bed at night take some time to yourself and take a bubble bath or whatever helps ease your mind.

Get a job to get a break from them and have adult conversations. Honestly its the only thing I’ve found helps


I guess the first question should be is how old are your kids?
If their babies and toddlers that I think you need to get a grip on yourself and your stress level you probably need some alone time to regroup.
If they’re older than that you should probably sit down and talk to them about their behavior and really address it and how it’s affecting you and them and your guys’s relationship. Since my kids were little and fully capable of understanding things we would have discussions on expectations. And I always started off the discussion about how much I love them and blah blah blah blah blah you always got to start off with a positive and then let them go first with their expectations of you and then you discuss your expectations of them. You have to set clear standards in order for people to know that they’re being met or not being met.
Also usually when kids are naughty it’s because they have no direction or purpose. Give them daily goals


Same , but I try to watch movies in my free time . Or documentaries, or just be in my phone lol then wen they need me here I go again mom time …

Go get you some alone time!

Ask for a break and leave the kids with family or with their other parent for 30 mins to an hour at least. Go for a ride or take a long bath and relax.

Start taking some vitiate b12 stress complex

Smoke some marijuana !


Have a drink, or smoke a joint!! It helps!


I do everyday. Mine are 13 and almost 4. Husband’s at work. No social life for us. But I do what I need to do for me. I’m an adult. If I need a beer at 11am so be it. Of i wanna smoke a joint at 8am i will. Moms need time. Even of its 35 seconds to puff off a bowl lol.

Your allowed to hate motherhood at times and be stressed.

Your allowed a minute do to what you need to do.

None of that makes you a bad mother. It makes you great. Take a minute.


I’m not sure their ages but I saw to tell them that you need to charge like their tablet ect. Or you could use you need gas like the car. Something that they can put into perspective.


Sameeee :weary: mine fight every second of every day. I miss them when I’m away from them but they torture me :weary::weary:

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Pick your battles, don’t stress the little things, I had 4 under 5(now all teens):woman_facepalming: and they weren’t ever perfect, but I put a sched in place, and tried to stay to it. They love structure

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I agree that it’s hard more so moe than before covid