I am looking for baby names that start with I

I am looking for unique baby names for a boy and girl that start with " I ". I’m having twins, and they are a boy and a girl. I am 36 weeks and still haven’t found the right names. Any suggestions would be appreciated! Babies #4&5.


Ivy icarus ivan izzy

Indyanna Isaiah Isaac

Ingrid. Indigo. Indiana. Isla. Isabelle. Ian.

Ian ivy… illiana ilijah

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We have an Imogen :slight_smile:

Isis and Isiah. Iris and Ilijah

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Ivy, Isabella


Idan for a boy , Isabella Indago or Ivy for a girl.

Illiana, Ilia, Israel,

Ivy and Ivan
Isla and Ian
Ioka and Idyn

Blume reign bambi Bango sibelah sunny astalah cove
Woody husky
Jovi vada

I have a student this year whose name is Irelia.

Ieasha, iris, irabella, irmyany

I think Iris is soooo pretty for a girl & Ivan is cute for a boy and you don’t hear it much😬


Icharus and Indiana
Ignacio and Iris

Ian and Isabel, Iris or Ivy

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Ivy, Imani, Iona, Isaiah, Isaak, Ishmael

Indiana/ indy

My great grandma from Italy was Iolanda.

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