I am measuring 25 weeks when I am only 16: Thoughts?

I went for a checkup today to check on the baby, and I am 16 weeks. Doctors told me I was measuring about 25 weeks and said I must be having twins…I don’t think I am having twins and they haven’t seen twins on scans, but she said she wouldn’t be surprised since I am so big. I am kinda scared something is wrong with the baby, and that’s why I measure so big… Any ideas what could be going on?


Have you not had an ultra sound?


Possible gestational diabetes?


Are you 100% sure you’re only 16 wks?


Sometimes twins can hide! I don’t think a baby can measure bigger then they are, unlike you due date was calculated completely wrong


Twins can hide, but you’re due date could be off too. They go by the last period you tell the doctor

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Could be polyhydraminos

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I was HUGE and my daughter was premature :tipping_hand_woman:t3: don’t worry things will be ok!

9 weeks off they would (or should anyway ) change your due date. Twins don’t necessarily always measure bigger. Everyone I know whose had twins were fairly normal pregnancy sizes and had 5 to 6 lb twins a girl I know now pregnant with twins is actually crazy small but baby’s are measuring perfect.


Your last period could of been off u may of had a period while preg some ppl do. Get another sono


I’m not sure y your doctor did not give u more answer’s you would think another ultrasound would be done to locate another baby or see If u have access amniotic fluid


I was big with my babies dont worry just enjoy your BEAUTIFUL pregnancy with yo BEAUTIFUL baby! Your baby and you are just fine!:purple_heart::purple_heart::purple_heart:

Maybe you’re just carrying out front? If your doctor was worried about it then they would tell you. Don’t get yourself worked up

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My friend was a twin and had twins. The second baby didn’t show up on her sonogram.

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Pregnancy can be misdated…my due date was 6 weeks off…it is calculated by periods…and if you had a period after you were already pregnant …which can happen …you could be off on calculating

With my second i was measuring 40 weeks at 35 weeks I did not have diabetes but I did have cholestasis of pregnancy

I would get a second opinion.

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Your body knows best! You will be fine! :slight_smile:

I had hydramnios but even with that I only measured like 4 weeks off.

I was big with my son my first baby. And small with my daughter and she was slightly bigger. All depends how baby is laying and such. I would get a second opinion or wait till your ultrasound for the sex??

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