I am nervous about getting pregnant again so soon: Thoughts?

I’m 6.5 months postpartum with my first baby, and I just found out I’m pregnant again. I’m nervous about complications with the baby, delivery, and the pregnancy in general because I got pregnant again so quickly. I’m super excited but scared because I was told 18-24 months before getting pregnant again is recommended. Does anyone else have babies very close together and how did delivery go?


My doc told me they recommend 12 months between delivery and getting pregnant but there are plenty of women who do sooner. She just strongly asked that I wait a few periods.

I wish I could’ve had two back to back but every 18 months is what I did

It will be fine. My middles are just 13months apart

My first two were 10 months apart. Like my oldest was 10 months when I found out I was pregnant with number two. All’s well…now they r 16-&15…

I had mine 1 year and 6 days apart. My first labor was worse than my second because I was more physically prepared for what I would go through. Congratulations tho!!

Mine are exactly 12 months apart. My 2nd babe was 6days late. 9lbs 10oz of pure happiness. My back/hips were soar towards the end but other than that the pregnancy went great

My cousin had her 2 daughters 10 months apart. Delivery went great for her.
She had a consultation on her tubes getting tied & Dr office had to reschedule her appointment for 2 weeks away & that’s when she got pregnant.

I’m 57. Have two friends who are sisters 11 months apart. “ Irish Twins” they are called. One is my age. They are perfectly healthy. They are the eldest of 6…

Definitely recommended for many reasons but so so many have them and are fine so stay positive! My husband and his sister are 11 months apart

I have Irish twins they are 1yr and 2 days apart both are very happy and healthy babies enjoy ypur pregnancy CONGRATULATIONS

I’ve had 6 pregnancies back to back… I was pregnant 5 or 6 months PP. no complications, no problems. No worries! You will be just fine, I promise. Stay active, eat well. Take your prenatals. Congrats!

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Doctors recommend 12 Months… it acually takes the body 2 years to fully recover from a pregnancy… You will be fine… I know lots of women who had babies back to back… some of there kids are the same age for 2 weeks or for a month.

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My baby was born in June, and I’m due again in April. My Dr isn’t the least bit concerned, other than whether or not my sanity can handle it!

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i have 6 kids pregnant with number 7 now
born in order 2001 2004 2005 ( csection) 2007 2008 2017 ( still born) 2020 all natural births but 1

My middle 2 are super close. They’re both healthy, my pregnancy was a little rough pain wise but we recently found out that I had some serious health issues blooming during that time so it might have been from that, 10 years down the road though so we’re not sure and have no way of knowing.

Delivery went fast & smoothly, think i was only about 3 months pp or so when i found i was expecting again with my daughter whom just turned a year on Oct 9th & my son just turned 2 Oct 27th… So yeah all went well with no complications

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My cousin was pregnant at her 6 week check up after her first. Both babies are fine, but it was hard on her body.

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Not personally but I have two brothers one is 10 months older than me and the other is 13 months younger so it def happens :woman_shrugging:

My boys are 12mo apart, I got pregnant about 2mo pp - born Oct. 2nd 2018 and Oct. 13th 2019
Both easy pregnancies with no complications, my labor with my 2nd was a lot easier!

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