I am nervous for my grandma to babysit my newborn: Advice?

My LO is 7wks, and I will be going back to work in January. I also have an older daughter (10 yrs). With my older daughter, my grandmother has kept her from the time she was a newborn till now and we haven’t ever had an issue (other than this past year) my grandmother had a few health issues but swears she’s fine… (let me just stop everyone really quick and say… my grandmother is my everything! She raised me; she is more of a mother than I’ve ever had. Her health is my no.1 priority, and if she ever said she couldn’t or just didn’t want to keep my kids, then I’d find another option. We also pay her and make sure she is well taken care of. So no judging) Back to this… my grandmother IS getting older (69) her health isn’t where it was 10yrs ago. She has a bit of trouble hearing (getting her hearing aids), and she’s on the heavier side. She wants to keep our new bundle of joy when I go back to work. My, I’m a nervous wreck!!! I’m scared she won’t hear her if she chokes or can’t breathe or something… I’m also concerned about how the heck she’s going to carry a car seat with a baby too and from the car when going to get my other daughter. My husband keeps telling me not to stress it, we will talk about it when the time comes, but we have like 3wks!! We need to figure this out NOW! Do I change things and let her keep our LO? Or try talking to her (hoping I don’t break her heart) and have someone else keep her during the day? TIA


I think you answered your own question :heart: if your having doubts than follow that motherly instinct :heart:


Stop stressing like your husband says. Grandmas and grandpa’s are the best at babysitting!! My parents baby sat into their 80s!! No one will love your kids more than you other than grandparents!! Keep it in the family!!

I think Grandma needs to be talked to not us.


How about 1 or 2 days out off the time your working and put baby in daycare the rest of the time.

Get her one of those stroller that the car seat attaches too. The light one that is basically a frame. Your 10 year old will help her


Do what your heart is telling you but you’re going to hurt Grandma feeling

Does she depend on the money you pay her?

You trust her enough to let her drive with your 10 yr old, you’re getting her hearing aids, what are you so worried about? Get her a car seat that can stay in the car so it is installed correctly, and she doesnt have to move it.


Family is best. You never know about day care or sitters. Also, 69 is not that old. It seems like it is, but older people are healthier and more active now. She will have her grandchild’s well-being her first priority.

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I would put the baby elsewhere and let your grandma continue caring for your daughter. They can continue what has to be a wonderful relationship, enjoy all the activities that they are used to. Your grandma will be ok with it even if she says she wants the baby. She is saying that more for you than her. She loves you and wants to do all she can to make your life easier. I’m a grandma raised 3 grandkids and I’m your grandma’s age

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Honestly… I would stick with Grandma… get a bassinet to put in the room where she spends the day.
Can you change the pickup arrangement for your daughter?
Talk to the school and tell them your Granmother needs assistance …and have then walk your 10 yr old to the car… or get her a special pickup place.
As for worrying that the little one won’t have constant attention… well daycare won’t get you the kind of attention Grandma is going give.

Fine another family member that has some time to help grandma out. One that you can trust. Mybe they will help you out.

Id have to say find another sitter for the new baby :frowning: if your having that many doubts( which are reasonable) then I wouldn’t take the risk. I’m more on the paranoid side of things though. Baby choking an g- ma not hearing scares the scrap out of me! You know your g ma best… How are her reflects? Is more laid back or will she be checking the baby all the time… Those are my only worries:) hopefully it works out.

My grandma watched my babies up until her late 70s. She’s my world. And when she couldn’t anymore she said she couldn’t and Hayes that she couldn’t do what she once had. That was okay, she lived with my mom and “watched” my baby still and when she couldn’t she called my mom.

Maybe you could do daycare 1 or 2 days to give Grandma a break

Be truthful and honest.Explain while you trust her explicitly a small baby is just too much for her.Its just a physical and age reason.Even a fit healthy woman her age would struggle.However when baby is older you can look at it again,but for now no xx

You could start early with trial runs.

69 is not that old!!! I’m 68 and can walk to and from a car carrying a 50 pound box! I’m overweight and slightly hard of hearing, have 2 bad knees. But I stay active! Yes I’ve had pneumonia 4 months ago. I recovered!!! Don’t sell her short!!!


Look for extra car seat n put in her car that’s one remedy solved ? I got 1 for me n kids got theirs n I’m 57 hearing bad n health issues but God is good n have faith pray ;”) things will be ok :+1: if you feel unsure after week r so then look for other options