I am nervous that I will have another miscarriage: Advice?

I had a miscarriage on may 12th and now I am pregnant again. I want to be excited but I’m so nervous I will miscarry again. I’m trying to relax and take it one day at a time but every little ache or anything and I get so anxious. How did you manage your anxiety after a miscarriage. Is there anything I should be doing or not be doing?


I lost 3 babies before having my daughter. I’m pregnant with my son now n still have the fear of losing him. I can’t tell you the fears go away. But do all you can to keep yourself healthy during the pregnancy n think positive. Easier said than done I know but take it day by day. And best of luck with your rainbow baby :rainbow::heart::pregnant_woman:t3:

I just tried to put my faith in God and enjoy and 9 months later my beautiful girl was here. Hang in there and trust in God. He has this for you.

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Day by day is all I got. I had 2 before my rainbow baby and I felt the same way. My OB did talk to me for a hour my first visit about it and that helped a lot.

Congratulations. I fell pregnant shortly after I moscarried. It was scary. I did get a doppler and allowed myself to check for a heartbeat once a week until I felt movement. Try to enjoy every moment and try to have confidence.

I was scared to death every day that I’d have another miscarriage while I was pregnant with my son. I kept reminding myself that what was meant to be would be and tried to find joy in each day I got to be pregnant.

I will warn that you should avoid a Doppler if you are anxious. Dopplers are hit or miss and can cause panic when you can’t find a heartbeat even if nothing is wrong.

Honestly you don’t calm down I just laid in bed pretty much my whole first trimester and was beyond scared every pain I went into the hospital waiting to hear the horrible news the heartbeat stopped and I’ve had 3. But when it came to 13 weeks I was like wth is going on I thought I was going to miscarry it just doesn’t go away I’m now 29 weeks and still scared. I wish I could tell you how to make it better but I want to be honest with you it’s hard but just lay down and try to relax as much as possible

I got pregnant about 2-3 weeks after a miscarriage, have a beautiful healthy boy now. Try not to stress too much it’s bad for both of you, just picture that perfect rainbow baby growing inside of you. :rainbow::heart:

I didn’t. I’ve lost 5 babies and I went through complete hell with each pregnancy. I do have two beautiful rainbow babies though!!!

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I had two boys, then a miscarriage and conceived the following month. Then last July I had a miscarriage not planned pregnancy and got pregnant in August also not planned and just had our baby last month. It was crazy this last time because we have been married 12 years no accidents then bamb two in a row and the second one it took. He’s the best little thing that happened to us.

I had a miscarriage and now how 2 beautiful rainbow babies. For me it was just letting go of the control and also openly talking about my fears with my husband.

I’ve had a lot of miscarriages. Ask your doctor if he thinks you’re low on progesterone. I take progesterone now as soon as I find out I’m pregnant until my second trimester. And I know have 4 babies :baby:t4:

I had miscarried but it was cuz I got pregnant when I missed my pill or being off for 3 months… Don’t worry your self sick… just because it happened doesn’t mean it’s gonna always happen… So Congratulations on your pregnancy… Enjoy this…

I lost 2 babies before I had my daughter. When I found out I was pregnant with her, I refused to let myself get “attached” or start loving this baby. I always miscarried before 8 weeks, so once 8 weeks rolled around, then 12, then 20, I had to keep telling myself that I am pregnant and she is okay. She’s 13m now. :heart:

I had one on June 15 2 years ago and one on February 14 last year and am pregnant agian and alwayse have the fear of losing this one even tho I feel like this one will be fine

Invest in a fetal heart tone doppler once you have heard the heartbeat at the doctor around 12 weeks. It helped me a lot when I was in your situation. The further along you get, the more aches and pains, so being able to hear baby’s heartbeat will give you reassurance. I hope everything works out for you :heart:

You can’t control it,
so don’t ponder it.
Easier said than done,
I know.

Unfortunately your previous miscarriage will make it difficult to relax and enjoy your new pregnancy. I lost my first at 15 weeks and then got pregnant 6 weeks later. It’s sad to say, but I didn’t much enjoy that pregnancy because I was terrified and hyper-focused on every little twinge. It’s sad because I had a perfectly normal healthy pregnancy that I should have enjoyed. Try your best to be reassured that all is well with your new pregnancy :heart:

How did you already ovulate and get pregnant again that fast? Was the pregnancy confirmed? Because many times after a miscarriage the test will still say positive for hcg levels in your system. Honestly most miscarriage can’t be explained. Just take it easy. I wouldn’t announce you are pregnant till the 2nd trimester in case anything happens. Good luck.

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I am so sorry for your loss :purple_heart:. It is normal to experience anxiety after a loss. Try to relax and think positively. Praying for peace for you and your baby.