I am nervous to leave my son when I give birth: Advice?

I’m currently 36 weeks pregnant with my second baby. My son is 11 months, and we have never had a night apart. I am scheduled for a c section and know I must stay a minimum of 3 days in the hospital, and I’m aware he cannot visit due to covid. It will be my first few nights without seeing my son, and honestly, I feel a strong sense of anxiety and helplessness, knowing this is coming up in three short weeks. My question is, how did everyone else feel? How did you get over that anxiety? It’s my biggest worry, ATM. I don’t want to feel this anxiety over my son I know he is in good hands, I just can’t get over this overwhelming feeling of not being ready to let him go a few nights.


When new baby is here thoughts will fade. But truly never go away.

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We facetimed our 3 year old as we were in the hospital a week after my c section at 36 weeks. It was the longest we had been away from him. Now our twins are still in the nicu at 10 days old gaining the energy they need to eat on their own so they can come home. Splitting time between going to spend time with them everyday and our 3 year old is rough because our oldest does not fully understand that his brothers cannot come home yet. Calling and facetiming every day will help you and your little will be able to hear your voice or see you.

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It’s okay to worry. It will be okay. I didn’t spend 3 days in the hospital with my c section. Only 1!!! I left at 10am the next morning!

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I would say you will be able to use your phone and video chat with your child so he is able to see your face and everything will be ok.

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Use your phone and FaceTime your son. Bring a small 4x6 or 5x7 picture in a cheapish frame to keep at your bedside for your stay so you can hold it and think of him. Let him pick a stuffed animal for you to take with you

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Work up to it. Try him for a night with grandma and grandpa. Here and there so both of you aren’t so stressed when the time comes


It’s def hard, it was the first time leaving mine also…I peaced out of the hospital ASAP tho. I did not stay 3 nights. No way

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When I delivered my second I was also very anxious and nervous to leave my first born, even knowing she was in good hands and I knew she would have fun!
It was extremely hard not getting that experience to have my first born come to the hospital to see her brother but she was still one of the firsts to see him. Covid definitely made things hard for mothers unfortunately :pensive:
But calling and checking in will help a ton, even FaceTime. Ask the ppl that your LO is staying with to update you often and maybe even send pictures! Thats what helped me. My daughters grandparents are amazing at keeping me updated and making sure I know everything that is going on with her!
I pray you have a safe, easy delivery. I know it’s hard leaving your oldest especially when you so badly want them involved :blue_heart::purple_heart:

You don’t have to with it being your second kid

It’s a legit fear, but once you let it go it’s a life changer. If it is truly someone you trust then you have gained a future break, and your child had gained an important bond with another person. :heart:

Do a test run right now. Let him go for a night and once you get over that hump you will feel much better.

Google duo.
Allows your android to facetime.
Practice using with whomever will be with your boy during your hospital stay.
He’ll be fine!

I’ve never felt nervous about that. It was actually nice to have a little break and enjoy my newborns before I went home and missed a lot of sleep. They stayed with their father and my parents so I wasn’t worried at all.

I get it, and sadly I have no good advice. My daughter is 14 months and I won’t even let her have a sleepover at my parents house because I want her here

Leaving a child for the first time is never easy. Ever. You constantly worry if they’re okay, how they’re handling it, you feel guilt, e.t.c.
Just focus on your new baby! Once you finally are apart the separation anxiety will calm down. Then you can focus on meeting the new one, and once baby is placed in your arms all fears will disappear. It goes fast, trust me :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

My kids where months apart too and my biggest regret was I never allowed my older son to be a baby, he had to be the big brother so quick

I felt the EXACT same way when I had my daughter and my son was 18 months. It was our first time apart and overnight at that. I even delayed going to the hospital while in labor just so I didn’t have to leave him and was 6cm dilated when I arrived. :sweat_smile: With COVID it made it especially hard because he could not visit. But thankfully the drs let me come home the next evening. Through all the worrying, he was just fine. I was more a wreck than he was. And he was SO excited when we got back home. The time to focus on her was much needed for me and her. You got this mama. I’m sure everything will be just fine :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: Sending blessings your way.

Its HARD. My daughter is 2, I had my son in april and leaving her for those 36 hours were dreadful since we never really spent time apart with me being a stay at home mom. I was thankful to go home so quick but it was upsetting being away from her. Just make sure to leave her in the most trusted hands and video call as much as possible! that is what got me through those long hours away

It’s the hardest part! I was a mess when I had baby number 2 and even more of a mess in august when I had baby number 3 because I had to leave my 3 to and 16 month old for 5 days because I had to be induced and that turned in to an emergency csection