I am nervous to start Clomid: Advice?

I need some reassurance, ladies. I had a hsg today, and both tubes now open and flowing. If I get my period next month, we will start Clomid. I’m scared to take this medication. Did it work for you? How are the side effects? I need to be able to function normally


I took it twice with IUI. My timing was off the first time. The second time worked like a charm, I now have a 3 year son! Don’t be scared!!! I don’t recall any real side-effects.

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I took it I dont remmember side affects but got pregnant after the first month and she was 3 weeks early and weighed 9 pounds 12 oz!!! Then had my next baby 11 months later suprise wasn’t trying and another a year later haha before my clomid baby as I affectionately say I had tried for 3 years maybe 4 i think! Good luck !!


Took it twice. Have a 14 year old son and 10 year old twins. Don’t be scared . I had a few side effects but only at the highest dose.

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I took it and did get pregnant the 2nd round. I had a miscarriage but there’s nothing to say it had anything to do w the clomid

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I have a 12 year old son. It worked for me…

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My clomid baby is a healthy happy 10 year old now. :blush:

I took it with my first child and got pregnant the second month. He’s four and a half now. I’ve been pregnant two times since then and haven’t had to take it either time for those pregnancies. One is two and the other is due soon. The only side effect I remember was being extra moody.

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Clomid didnt work for me, but that’s a chance you take until they find what works for you

Side effcts: high chance to get s twins :wink:


Clomid didn’t work for me and it made me sick. After 3 years, Femara and an IUI were successful for us.

I used Clomid with my first pregnancy. Took 11 months but she’s now almost 26

Clomid commonly causes bad headaches, but you can try it and switch to letrozole (femara) if thats the case for you.

It worked for me! No side effects and the first round worked and I got pregnant finally. You’ve got this mama!

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I took it for 4 months and I don’t recall any side effects. I needed more aggressive medication to have my babies (:blue_heart::sparkling_heart:) but every woman is different. Whatever you decide, good luck :pray::two_hearts:

You have got this Momma! I took it, didn’t work but it did make me extra moody aside from that no problems! My Prayers are with you

Got pregnant first round on clomid. Side effect was painful ovulation. Very crampy and sharp pains. From what I was told its not a common side effect.

I took it but it didnt work for us.

My clomid baby is 10 now. It worked on the 3rd time and got pregnant with twins. Sadly lost my 10 year old’s sibling.

Thanks everyone!! I really don’t want twins! We already have 5 kids