I am nervous to tell my doctor I am pregnant again: Advice?

Okay, so my doctor has made it VERY clear and even gets upset about the thought of me getting pregnant before 18 months. She’s a great doctor in general but gets very tense when she talks about birth control and such. My son is three months old, and I’m very nervous to tell her I might be pregnant again. I took an at-home test, and it says I’m pregnant, but I’m too nervous about going in and telling my doctor. I think it’s more embarrassment than anything because it was very stupid of me. I know I need to go in; just need a little courage here, so I’m curious as to how many moms have gotten pregnant before the 18-month mark (I know every pregnancy is different), but what were some personal experiences/complications? How did your families handle it?


Tell her to mind her business. She is your doctor, not your life coach. My babies have a ten months age Gap and it’s honestly the best thing. Far easier then the 5 year one between my eldest and youngest xx


Plenty of people have. Hence “irish twins”

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I would change Drs. I literally got pregnant the 1st time I had sex after my 1st child. They are 9 months apart bc my 2nd daughter was preemie (placenta separated from uterine wall). Unless it’s a health concern she needs to mind her business!

Not much different than the first baby I had no morning sickness which was great didn’t get as huge no complications. My family wasn’t to happy but it was my choice. Some tried to even talk me into abortion that was never an option. Food luck and as for your dr she can get over it /)

Time to find a new doctor. You should never be anxious about telling your doctor anything.


My first 2 are 10 days shy of a year apart

It’s none of her business except if it’s due to medical complications. But at the end of the day, all she can do is warn you why it’s medically not recommended.

Throw the whole doctor away


Not myself personally, but I’ve had lots of friends and family members, including my mother, that have gotten pregnant before the 18 month mark. If she makes you feel bad or uncomfortable find a new doctor. They’re mostly concerned with health concerns. For instance, my aunt got pregnant about 3 months after her first baby and had so many complications she HAD to go on a five year birth control so nothing deadly happened to her or the next baby if she chose to have one. As long as you’re healthy and baby is fine, let her know that you don’t want to be judged for your life choices.

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My son’s are 13 months to the day apart. I was nervous as well, didn’t tell his dad for a couple days. But it’s honestly the best. And you should never be scared or worried to talk with your doctor about anything. Having them close together isn’t bad at all!

Its none of her business she’s your Dr that’s it she’s there to help you not judge you if she does tell her to mind her oen business you’ll find a different Dr.

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I fell pregnant with my 2nd child when my first born was only 4 months… it was a shock but they grew u close

Tell her mind her own business or second option driffent dr?..my daughter is 1 and 2 year old so you can do it and there ages would be prefect begin play toghters and share all clothes :slight_smile:

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My 2 boys born 13 months apart.


Your doctor should not be judging you or making you feel ashamed. Get a new doctor

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I got pregnant with my daughter when my son was 9 months old. They are both healthy & smart!

Who is she to judge you? This is your life, your family & your baby!! If you feel uncomfortable with her I would find someone who is happy for you!! Praying for you!!!:heart:

If you are not a 100 percent comfortable with your doctor then you need a new one.

My dr. Also said I should wait a year before trying again after my miscarriage. I ended up being pregnant again by July (5 months later), and I was so scared to tell her I switched drs and was 10 wks before I even went to my first drs. Appt. (Partially because I was scared of miscarrying again). As much as I loved that dr. I didn’t need her attitude or negativity when I was already stressed, and the new dr was amazing and helpful. My daughter is great and the delivery was actually the easiest part of the whole thing. Lol. I would switch drs if you can if you’re that anxious about it.