I am not allowed to go to my nephews birthday party: What should I do?

So My brother and his son’s mom are not together. So they have shared custody. Everything was going good; they both held up their end. Out of nowhere one day, she tells my brother that he is no longer allowed to have his son, not sure exactly why. So he vents about it, and I come to his defense because I know he is a good dad, though a tad bit hot-headed. Flash forward a couple of months, and out of nowhere, he can see his son again. Her only stipulation was that it could not be at our mom’s house (She was grandparent rights every weekend) because that would mean that my side of the family would see him more than her side. So I tell them both that he is more than welcome to my house, while my brother has him. If they being at my house for a couple of days a week is what it takes for my brother to see his son then I’m going to do it. Now herein lies the problem. My nephew’s birthday is coming up, and I told my brother that I wanted to go to his birthday party. A few days go by, and he tells me that she said I wasn’t allowed to go to his birthday party because a few months ago I defended him on how she was acting and keeping his son away from him. So their son is at my house for half the week. I watch him for both of them, so they both can work. I make sure that he is well taken care of, always clean, always fed, has everything he needs if they fall short. And I am not allowed to go to his birthday party. So I am good enough to have him at my house 3-4 days straight a week, good enough to watch him and make sure he is safe, but not good enough to go to his birthday party? Am I allowed to be mad about this? Should I be? Should I say something? I’m at a loss. Ty.


Sounds like you have a very toxic sister. I can relate. I haven’t talked to my sister in nearly 3 years and I don’t know my only nephew at all. Sometimes you just gotta let shit be.

So petty. I’d be angry too.

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First and foremost this chick has issues, so ignorant smh. Your brother needs to toughen up and do what he has to do for his rights, the kid should be around both family. Third!!! Do your own party for him at your home and dont invite her, simple…good luck!


Have a party for him at your place every kid loves a party and 2is super awesome turn lemons into lemon aid don’t always make drama out of unnessary bs, live happy,make his life simple sounds like it’s pretty complicated for the kiddo.good luck


That’s some serious crap she is using that child to hurt people. What a horrible human being, you have every right to be upset . My suggestion you throw him a birthday party at your house get him a cake and invite your family … that poor kid

Sounds like the type of drama I like to avoid by minding my own business. Throw your own party girl.

Sounds like she’s being spiteful, sorry but using a child is not going to go well in the long run, have a party for him when he’s with you that way you can do what you’d like for his birthday.

Pft I’d just go to the party anyway.


Go to the party anyway…

I’m gonna be blunt. Your brother needs to grow a set of balls. He needs legal visitation. He’s needs to document all the bullshit she’s pulling. And you need to tell her to find her own damn babysitter.


Just have your on birthday party with him problem solved


Sounds childish smh using the child as a toy rather than being an adult and keeping the situation blended for the comfort of the child… petty is what I say and yes u have the right to be mad or hurt

See the way my petty set up she would be finding a new babysitter on the days it didn’t involve my brother working. If your good enough do a those things then what the problem tell her to keep that same energy when she has no one to watch him while she works. I swear I can’t stand stupid females who use their children as pawns as if this is some game

I avoid dealing w her craziness have a party for him. Tell your brother to grow some and tell her stop w her bi polar crap. Go to court explain to the judge what she’s doing​:angry::angry::angry:

I’d tell her to get fucked when she wants a babysitter again. I’d also throw him a separate party and not even tell her.


This child will grow up to hate his mother for with holding him from his Dad. She may not realize it now, but her mean and ugly hatefullness will come back to bite her in the ----- ! Boys need their Dads!


Have your own party for him and invite whoever you want


Just turn up she’s a selfish cow you have a right and so does your little nephew


Have your own party for him.