I am not longer in love: thoughts?

My daughter is 14 months old . And after being with her dad for 6 years , I’m just not in love anymore . I knew this prior to even getting pregnant and the pregnancy /first year pretty much distracted me well untill now, I don’t know what to do, or how to tell him. He moved away from all his family to be with me and now I just simply don’t want to be in a romantic relationship with him anymore . I’m terrified of what will come of our situation and how we will share time with my daughter … anyone ever split up and have the other parent live across the state ? How does this go


Well, in this type of situation I feel that if you’re truly not happy and in love anymore, you should be woman enough to tell him. You deserve to be happy and he deserves the right to know so that he can be happy in the future. Co-parenting is a must, and that will begin with a friendship first. You’ll have to take it back to basics, and start your friendship over so that you can both be healthy parts of your child’s life.


Why did you even get pregnant to begin with if you knew you didn’t love him or wanted to be with him?? You strung him along, had a child with him, so who knows how this will play out. Hopefully it all works out for the sake of the child you brought into this mess!!


are you just ‘not in love’ or are you completely unhappy and miserable. there’s a difference. things change and people change especially after having children. if you split, it won’t be up to just you how you split the time with your daughter. it has to be a mutual agreement. if it can’t be, a judge will decide for you. won’t be easy, but if he moved for you… i wouldn’t be surprised if you have to do the majority of the travel if he goes back. again that completely depends on the state and the judge and the situation.


Probably already been asked but I’m gonna ask it again anyway … Why would you get pregnant if you knew you didn’t want to be with him?! I feel you are selfish! You should have just walked away before you got pregnant. Instead you used him and continue to play with his emotions like they mean nothing to you. Smdh


So not pregnant, know you are no longer interested. Get pregnant. Dumbass


Try the love dare first. Its only 40 days. What’s 40 days in the big aspect of things? Not much really.


I think you need to ask yourself on why your not in love and why your unhappy. If it’s things that can be changed or fix… Then communicate with him to fix it. If your just flat out bored and found someone else then your in the wrong. People do get bored but that’s why people get out and try something new. Ask yourself why you feel the way you feel and once you figure that out, you can see if it’s fixable and let him know where you stand. If it’s purely for selfish reasons then he needs to leave you!


I think you need therapy because the choices you made are extremely toxic.
I feel bad for this man who has a child with you.


WOW. You’re honestly a selfish bitch. You knew this before getting pregnant yet you did it anyway?! You are knowingly putting an innocent child into that mess?! In all honesty he deserves full custody.


Children suffer because of wishy washy parents… I would suggest counseling so both of you have help with this transition.


In love is a fleeting feeling. Its love that lasts. Maybe its some ppd but you can at least try first. Sometimes i think my n my hubs arent going to make it but then he does something and i think “man i love that assface!”

Possibly all being a little harsh. Going to play devils advocate here…did you think getting pregnant would make things better?? What are the reasons you aren’t in love? Just don’t have feelings or does he do things that now make you unhappy…such as belittle you? Take a long look because all decisions have consequences be totally sure the feelings are gone. Make sure you just aren’t bored…if you are bored you may never be happy


So you be the big girl you were when you slept with him and got pregnant with his baby and tell him exactly what you wrote here


I truly believe getting pregnant was so wrong many do this to reconnect but honestly the advise is very cruel she needs to tell him so he too can move on and be with someone that loves wants him both can show their child love

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Her reasons for getting pregnant are her own. Let’s not judge a sister. Instead. Let’s help her get through what’s going on NOW. she has had the baby. It’s a fact now. And I am sure the baby is well loved. Let’s move on.


Im not going to be rude like people above… Sh*t happens, i get it… Maybe you should talk to him about moving along… Or getting his own place close so he can still see the child… Or spark things back up in the bed, go out, come up with creative things to spice the relationship back up…


Give him the child and go fix yourself.
Be alone for a while.


Why the hell would you have a child with someone you knew you wouldn’t want to spend the years needed to raise one? That was stupid.


Wow. You’re so unbelievably selfish.