I am not producing much breast milk: Advice?

Hello. I have a question that I would love some help with. I had my baby almost two months ago, and certain circumstances kept me from breastfeeding. I am, however, pumping every 3 hours for 30 minutes. My question is, I’m not producing a whole lot. On regular 3 oz a pump. That was working ok, but now it looks like she might start to need more. I’m getting discouraged because I’ve tried a few things to help my supply increase (mother tea, and I’ve gone to my Dr. to get pills prescribed). Nothing is working!! I feel like giving up because I’m constantly in pain with clogged milk ducts (enough to keep me in bed in tears) and feel like a failure for not being able to produce enough for my baby. Has anyone else been through this? Does it get easier, or should I give up? Oh, and I do drink a 16oz bottle of water every pump session.


Read online about natural supplements . Fenugreek and chardon bénit

Oatmeal. Drink lots of water!

The baby needs to suck…its chemistry and physics that allow production of milk, shared hormones

bumps babies and breastfeeding group they are amazing and can help

I didnt experience any problems breastfeeding my little one. But my 2 sister in laws couldnt breatfeed at all. Its ok. Sounds like ur doing all u can and its ok if u cant breastfeed, just love ur baby!! Congratulations on ur baby btw

Target had some different powders that increases productivity. Fenugreek works wonders. Even had cookies to change things up! But never feel bad!! A fed baby is a happy baby. No matter if it’s breast milk or formula!! Good luck!!

The more often you pump the more your breasts will produce and you’ll get a larger supply. I used to pump while feeding and pump in between feedings.

Eat oatmeal.
Stay away from alcohol.
There are cookies that help with breast milk too they are kind of expensive but they worked for me.

Make sure you are eating 3 meals and healthy snacks in between. Like nuts, avocados, fruits and veggies.


You may need to pump more often. There is a major growth spurt at that time, so normally she would be nursing a lot more frequently.

Power pumping and fluid and calorie intake. Everything else is woo can actually hurt supply. Nothing wrong with combo feeding.

Sorry to sound prudent but i e been through nursing for 9 years of having 6 babies and i nurse my 1 year old exclusively so im an expert

Breastfeeding is all about supply and demand. The more you nurse/pump the more you make.

3 ounces in 3 hours is perfect! A breastfed babe should be pacefed-this is crucial so you can Keep up. A breastfed babe only needs 1-1.25 ounces per hour, so 3 in 3 hours is exactly what babe needs!

Don’t do fenugreek. It can drastically decrease your supply.

Also. Your pumping output is not what you make (unless strictly pumping) babe is much more efficient than a pump.

Do lots of skin to skin with babe as well.

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Check thyroid levels

Brewers yeast ! They have the vitamin form at Walmart. Or a dark beer , power pumping , oatmeal, lots and lots of water… skin to skin , feeding on demand.

Give up? :woman_shrugging: don’t lose your mind over it. You’ve got better things to worry about.


Also 3 months they start to cluster feed and you wont be able to pump as much because of it baby takes all that they can. You can try self expressed in the shower with warm water on your breasts

Latch her on more or pump more often try pumping every 30 min to an hr, that will also help with your ducts too

The best thing you can do is just keep pumping! I was pumping every 2hrs around the clock until I got my supply established, it DOES get easier! I tried all the supplements ect but honestly the most effective way to increase supply is to just pump more! Power pumping helped too( pump 20 mins wait 10 pump 10 wait 10 pump 10) try not to obsess over it bc stress will decrease your supply I used to stare at the bottles waiting for milk to come out and when I stopped stressing and watching every last milk drop, I noticed an increase!
Even if you’re pumping and nothings coming out, don’t stop or be discouraged the act of pumping is telling your body to make milk and eventually you will!!

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Oatmeal. Try latching the baby on to release oxytocin. Pump more often if possible, for shorter amounts of time. So instead of 30 minutes every 3 hours, do 15 minutes every 2 hours.

Milky Mama, LLC products are also pretty much sworn by among my friends. I havent needed them but I’ve been referred to them by everyone I know who uses them.