I am not religious but my husband wants our baby baptized: Advice?

I got married recently. I am not religious and was perfectly content with our relationship, but my (now husband) pushed for it because it was important to his parents. They are great people, but very religious and old fashioned. We comprised of having a non-traditional/non-religious wedding. NOW I am pregnant and due soon. After spending the day with his mother, my husband now insists we will have our baby baptized. I am strongly opposed to this and find it odd because he does not attend church and has never expressed any interest in having our child baptized before. I’m sure this is all coming from his mother. I believe such religious commitments should be up to the individual, once they reach an age where they can make their own educated decisions. I disagree with religion being forced upon anyone, especially a baby or young child. It also seems wrong to make a promise to the church, as we will not be going to the church or following any other sacraments. I just wish my husband would think for himself, and not just what his mother wants. I feel very strongly about not having my child baptized, but I feel like I’m outnumbered here.


That’s why your taught Don’t be unequally yoked



My partner isn’t religious nor am I however I was raised in the church and baptism is important to my family.

We’ve decided to have a naming ceremony instead of baptism…it’s still significant however it means that our child has the choice when older to decide whether they want to be baptised/christened

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If your not religious then what’s it going to hurt if you do get your baby baptized?


Baptism is harmless. I’m atheist, raised catholic. As an adult your child will be able to make the decision for themselves, but honestly you need to pick your battles. Baptism wont hurt your kid and in the long run doesnt matter.


Getting your baby baptized doesn’t hurt anyone


Nothing wrong with baptism, just allow the child to decide when he/she is old enough. I was baptized, but also dont practice. I dont go to church, I dont care for any stigmata. It’s my choice. I hope you know you can be spiritual with being a church person.you dont have to believe in one thing. I am now atheist. But if my family or a friends family says a prayer for something, its their choice. It makes me uncomfortable, but its their choice as well. Just a thought.

Everyone should make that decision for themselves.

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There’s no harm in making them happy. If it saves future arguments, then do it. It’s not a future commitment to attend church.


I have a relationship with the Lord dear and it’s extremely important to dedicate the child.


Well he gave you the non religious wedding you can do this for him. It’s not that serious.


It’s not hurting you is it . :thinking::thinking::shushing_face::sunglasses:


Its your child. They have to consider your feelings. Id they dont, fuck their feelings

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I was raised Anglican but am not religous. I do believe all little ones should be baptized so if anything happens to them they will be children of God and go to heaven. Just my opinion

Let the fight go…worse than can happen is your baby gets a little water on its head🤷


Baptism will make your husband happy and will not prevent your child from making their own decisions at some point.


I agree with you. Religion, should be an individual choice.

Husband needs to stop. MIL, even more so.


it’s your baby. if you don’t want them baptized, you don’t have to let them be baptized. i’m raising my kids in a non-religious household and letting them decide what they believe when they’re older. i know the struggle of being raised in a religion i didn’t choose and i won’t put that on my kids. good for you momma

The child cannot make the decision now so the parents do. It seems that you have all the say here.He compromised on the wedding so why not do this.
Many people come with this wait until the child gets older.Well in most cases the decision is not made because the seed was never planted.
Clearly it seems there is more going on with you and his parents.Deal with it .Baptism will not hurt the child.


I’m agnostic. I married (now divorced) a preacher’s son. We dedicated both of our kids in his father’s church. Neither of my children (17&13) have expressed any interest in religion. It was really just to appease his parents. It’s an hour or two out of your day. You don’t have to participate in the prayers. But just be there for your husband and his family.