I am not sexually active but found out I have HPV: Advice?

Today I received my smear results, and it’s coming back positive for HPV, but luckily, no signs of changes to cells. I need to go for another smear in 12 months. I’m just feeling a little confused. My last sexual partner was 7/8 years ago, I was tested for everything after this partner, and all were negative. I’ve never missed a smear, so why is it showing positive to HPV now? I’ve tried google, but all say it’s through sexual contact/skin to skin contact. I was a bit taken aback by the results and confused as to how I have it


Hpv can stay dormant for years before showing up


I’m pretty sure HPV can remain dormant for years before it shows up


Have you been vaccinated in the past 7/8 years ?

They don’t actually test for HPV until you turn 30. It’s one of those things that can actually clear up on it’s own. Only about 1% of cases turn into cancer. You can have it for years and not even know it. I just tested positive last November after my pap smear and I just turned 30. This is all my OB told me as well. I even received the vaccines when I was younger.


Sorry to here babe but HPV can be transmitted through skin to skin contact it’s not as common as sexual transmission as that’s the easier form of transmission but there’s always other ways hence why medical staff have to wear Ppe for every patient to prevent direct contact :cry:


I got the vaccine when I was younger. I also tested positive for HPV just last month at 28.


HPV can be dormant. I tested positive at 32. Had to have a biopsy and I was grade 1. Took folic acid for a year. Next pap came back clear.


It lays dormant for years.

I got positive hpv result last year they have only just started to test for it redone my smear and result or negative ur body tend to fight it of x

It can be dormant for a long time before it shows up.

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It takes 10 years to show up just been tho this unfortunately I wasn’t so lucky but that doesn’t mean you won’t be had two operations and now everything should be OK xx

You can also be born with my older sister and I have we got it from our mom at birth.

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had first pap showing positive for hpv ane had normal results for abt 12 yrs til it showed up again

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I also had HPV and was sexually active either! Mine didn’t show up until after my second child and dr said it could of came from years prior! I ended up having surgery and had repeated paps for a year. Since surgery my paps been clean and no signs of cancer, 10 years later still free of hpv but dr says it can come back so still do routine paps ever year! Good luck


Hpv can be dormant for years. The virus was probably always there but your body was able to keep it at bay until now.


I tested positive when I was 22 and then nothing showing up again until recently when I had my first drs appointment with this pregnancy and I am almost 36. It freaked me out the first time. But now I just get checked a little more often!!

Same thing. No sex for 15 years but it was gone next time I was tested. I guess your body fights it off.

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I tested positive for it in 2019 and was tested again in 2021 and came up negative. A lot of time the body fights it off


A lot of people are unaware of hpv and don’t know that they have it.