I am not sexually active but found out I have HPV: Advice?

As someone who has been diagnosed with vulvar cancer caused by HPV, Stay aware. It can happen. My oncologist told me that something like 70% of the population has HPV.

There are also multiple strains… some are cancerous, some are not. It’s one of those that you never know you have it until you have some sort of outbreak.

Increase your Amino acid and folic acid intake.


You could have got it from that partner or a previous partner and it been dormant for years. All the more reason to use protection. You just never know what you’re getting or giving.


I had HPV 3yrs ago
Was ment to have pap last year but fell pregnant so had it this year
Came back negative,
Now I have to get checked every 5 years

I had this several years ago and it “cleared” itself which is apparently super common especially if you had the vaccine for it. I wouldn’t stress it to much!

I was positive in 2009 and thank god it’s now 2021 and still negative

It’s just now become widely known & tested for in a pap. So it is possible that it’s been Dormant. A change in diet or weight can cause it to become active. There are different stands some can cause cancer. I was diagnosed with it in 2019. Mine was a cancerous stands. I’ve had to have tissue removed and have to be looked at every six months for 2 years to be sure it does not grow cancerous again. Now that being said. When I found out I was just in there for a regular check up and to get birth control. I had no break outs I’ve never had an issue before there was nothing I went in for to be addressed just a normal check up. I had been married to the same man for 12 years we divorced in 2019 and I was trying to make sure I did get out there I was safe on all levels. When to told me I cried because In my mind it was this shameful things. How disgusting was I. Is what I thought then I started asking questions. I have been with 5 people my whole life. I don’t run around how did this happen. I was with the same man for 12 years it’s never shown up before. And my Dr put that all
To rest. It’s not that your off living loosely or not being careful it happens sometimes it’s just your body that changes and causes it to be come active. I’m not saying that to imply anyone’s acting rash and just doing whatever whenever but that’s what I thought it would be seen as until I did my research. A healthy diet is a main help with your body fighting it off on its own. It’s not the end of the world sadly it’s just a thing that’s making a huge impact now. Stay healthy stay in touch with your doctors and keep your schedule to be checked. Best of luck in all of it


HPV can remain dormant for years. My daughters father gave it to me sometime from 13-17. He was a heroin addict, and cheated frequently so I was tested after I finally left. However I have been with my now husband for 8 years, and 6 years ago found out I had it. I had tested negative years ago, and received the vaccine as a teen. I was devastated to say the least, and so damn confused. My doctor explained though that it can remain dormant for years, and “outbreaks” are sporadic. I haven’t had anything happen in 6 years. Just make sure you go to your smears, and are open with your doctor about any changes.

Because you can be HPV Positive and still get a negative result because it will be dormant.

I am 39 and was told at 22 I had HPV but there are different stains of it… Like one strain the one i have will cause cervical cancer and the others cause genital warts and there are several other strains of it.

Hpv can lay dormant for years. Just keep up with you smears as directed my your dr

Because it was dormant.

I don’t understand the laughing reactions to this post😒 Good luck to you and I wouldn’t stress it too much…Most ppl have it anymore, something like over 70% of the population. I know that may not be the most comforting thing but just continue your Check ups and pay attention to your body…No reason to beat yourself up and stress over something that’s already done and you’ll likely test negative in the future so don’t stress it

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It can lay dormant for a long time & go undetected. But my sister got cervical cancer from a strain of HPV that is not spread via sex. So it’s good to keep an eye on for sure.

They test for STDs as a standard practice at yearly exams. They weren’t required to check for HPV though until a few years back in my state. A cousin of mine in another state said you have to request that they check for it. I found mine in 2016, and just in time because I spent the next 2 years having cancer cells removed every 4 months. If we didn’t find mine when we did it would have been much worse.

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HPV can lay dormant for like up to 10 years or something like that. but it’s not a big deal if caught and treated. it can be transmitted to men but there’s no specific test that I know of that tests men for HPV but they CAN be carriers

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I also tested HPV positive on 2 different occasions. I was told that it can lay dormant for a long time or a short time. I was also told that many women can test positive and not get cancer.

There are different types of HPV, and it can live in ur body for years without showing up

I tested positive for HPV 11 years ago after my 1st was born. I went for check ups and testing every 6 months for 3 years. I then had my 2nd child. After having my 2nd, I no longer tested positive. I haven’t had a positive test result for 7 years now and I’m tested yearly for it at my exam.