I am not sexually active but found out I have HPV: Advice?

78% of the time it clears up within one year. Most people have/had HPV. They should be able to tell yiu what strain you have and if it one that goes away or if it’s permanent.

You can get it by sitting on a toilet seat, touching someone. The most common way is through sex, but you don’t have to have sex to get it.

Very common, the majority of women will have it. It can stay for a very long time or go as quick as it come without treatment. ( only have treatment of cells change with it!) chances are you wouldn’t know you have it unless you go for a smear that’s why it’s so important to get your smears done. I

It can sit dormant for 10 years in your body. I was married for 10 years with one partner and during our marriage I had an annual and had hpv that turned into cervical cancer I was so pissed at my husband thinking he gave it to me, until the Dr explained how it can sit dormant for up to 10 years.

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Once you get it, it stays dormant in your body. It’s just like shingles or chicken pox, only these cells can turn into cancer. Make sure your staying healthy, and go for your test every year! If the mutate to cancer you run the risk of it spreading or becoming infertile. Don’t be ashamed though, you would be amazed at the amount of people that have it.


HPV is a virus that can lay dormant in your body for years. The person that said 10 years is giving inaccurate information. Please ask your primary care physician and not Facebook scholars.


You can get HPV anytime but it doesn’t actually show up until years later, and can go away on its own. Just follow what your doctor tells you and you should be perfectly fine :slightly_smiling_face: mine went away after a year or so


You can go for years without even knowing. I have hpv and never knew until they found a growth of cells on my cervix which I ended up getting removed.

Did they give you the HPV shots ?

Check out websites with a .gov or .org they tend to be more of a better source for information. Your Gyno should be able to give you pamphlets as well as answer any questions you have. There’s a lot of misinformation out there and it’s best to talk with a medical professional because everyone’s situation can be unique.

People who say ten years I think they are confusing HPV with HIV. I would keep up with your checks than if it gets irregular they can catch it early on. Many women with hpv resolves itself not all is cancer turning. Also remember each person is unique so what it does for one may not do for the next

Talk to your doctors, PLEASE do not take advice from Facebook and stop googling it. Your doctor/OBGYN can answer these questions best.


What did your doctor say?

My OBGYN says almost everybody has it at one point in their life time and will never know.
It’s like a really high number of people who will have it.
It’s actually the most passed thing.
HPV can get serious.
But just go back to your appointment in 12 months and listen to your doctor.

Why aren’t you asking your doctor about this?


I had it as well. I went for an additional appointment and they scraped my cervix. Cells came back fine. For my follow up Pap smear it came back clear.

U can have hpv and it wont show up for yrs

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Hpv is a very common virus. Many ppl have had the virus and had it go away on its on. It’s so common that studies have shown that woman in convents have had Hpv, I found this at my job. The NP. States that it could be thru masturbation