I am over this situation with my boyfriend: Advice?

I’m over my situation with my boyfriend. We’ve been together for eight years. We have our first baby, who is one. He does have a younger teenager from a previous relationship. A little backstory, his child is getting out of control. It started with little lies… now big lies, sneaking around, dirty videos, drinking… and when I mean lies, I mean huge elaborate stories that make you question one’s character. But he allows the manipulation, and parents have even expressed their concern to us about it. Well, my boyfriend has daddy guilt. I almost feel like it’s narcissistic. I seriously do everything in which I love!!! But I’m practically a single parent with a roommate. Not once bought diapers, paid for doctors, clothes… nothing. He won’t even grocery shop. I never changed a diaper…He’s not helped with Christmas or birthday but then will go and spend hundreds on his first child. And I even buy his child things because that’s just what you do. But Like are you kidding me? I don’t get it. He only acts happy when his other child is around, which is about once a month. I’m so done doing anything for him. Why should I help him and his child when he doesn’t even help me with our OWN child? Or even our relationship. I think it’s time to leave so my baby isn’t emotionally scarred from the damage he’s causing.