I am paranoid to go into preterm labor: Thoughts?

My son was born a little over five weeks early, with no major complications but had a two week NICU stay. He’s a little over a year old now, and you’d never be able to tell. However, I’m 25weeks with my second child and am taking weekly progesterone shots in hopes of not having another preterm delivery. Every single pain, weird feeling, ANYTHING has me absolutely paranoid that not only am I going into preterm labor again but that it’s so oo much earlier. Is there anyone who has experienced something similar? I know I’m not the only one, but I feel so alone and have no idea how to cope with all of this anxiety and paranoia.


Yup my boys came at 34 and 4 my last was 31 and 1 . We are actually still in the nicu right now. It’s hard . Babies will come when they want to come . Just continue taking the pills and doing what your doing and whenever you feel different just call your dr or midwife they will either have you come in or can reassure you over the phone.

Each of my kids i went into labor starting around 27 weeks and they kept giving me meds to stop it went multiple times throughout each… Id get placed on modified bedrest etc… My best advice … Stay completely hydrated stay off your feet as much as possible if they havent placed you on any sort of bedrest yet… And i know its hard but you MUST keep your stress and anxiety down… Keep a pen and paper write down anything thats bothering you… Show/talk to your doctor… And just trust in yourself… Just because one came early doesnt mean this one will too… The doctors are already looking out for it… Every pregnancy is different and just try to remind yourself you wont have any doubt if youre going into labor no matter how early it is… Try to enjoy and focus on the good parts… Feeling baby move etc. Bestest of wishes to you and yours

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My daughter was born 6 weeks early and they were wanting to give me the shots to help stop preterm labor. I’ve opted out of not having them because if my baby wants to come into this world early then he will. It’s still scary though of course.
Talk through your concerns with your doctor and get some reassurance from them. It may help. I know it helps me when I do start feeling off.

Same here. My son was born 7 weeks early and spent 16 days in the NICU. He’s almost 4 now and just perfect. I’m currently 25 weeks pregnant and taking the weekly progesterone shots. I am terrified of having preterm labor again. The shots seem to be working and my placenta has moved back. I’m just taking everything easy and taking one day at a time, because that’s all I can do to not freak out.

I didn’t experience an early birth, but I have suffered miscarriages including one in my second trimester. The entire time I was pregnant with my son I was paranoid that something would happen and I’d lose him. Every pain, twing, anything caused me to panic. Every ultrasound and midwife appointment had me up all night the night before worried something would be wrong. In the end, everything was fine and I worried for nothing.

I have 5 that we all born early. I did makena for the last two. It reduced the contractions throughout my pregnancies but both babies still came before their scheduled csections. All we healthy with no major complications and no need to be transferred to a nice. My advice. Don’t stress about going early, prepared for it and expect it. Pray that all is well keep reminding the drs you went early before have them check you early if you think your progressing. Listen to your body it’s going to do its thing no matter what but you can be prepared if ur in tune

I know it’s not ideal but babies at 25 weeks have a pretty good survival rate. And every day makes a difference. My last baby was born at 34 weeks and the whole time they told me I could go into labor at any time bc my cervix was so short and bc of my age. Id also had given premature birth to one child already. I lived in stress the whole time. Please relax and have faith. Prayers for you and your family.

I was like this too my son born at 34 weeks but my daughter was born bang 40 weeks on her due date. Try not to stress and look after yourself :slightly_smiling_face:

Try and relax. It’s hard with having your son. But its the best thing you can do. I read books to help… and relaxing baths at night. Or even a shower

I was paranoid with my oldest after being told I lost her at 4w then almost going into labor at 13w. I had a heartbeat monitor I used to check on her until she got big enough to feel regularly. She was born at 40w 1d :blush: would’ve been induced 3 days later but decided to come on

I was that way my 2nd son came 38 weeks

My sister had to take shots while she was prego with her 2 kids and she went full term. She has an incompetent cervix. She had her first baby at 19 weeks and he didn’t make it so that’s why they gave her the shots with her next 2. So just try to relax and wait for you beautiful baby come. Take care love :cupid:

My first child was a premie at 32 weeks and was in nicu for 3 weeks before he was able to come home. And I’ve had two other kids since then and while when you have one premie you’re always at risk for another premie both of my girls that I had after my son were healthy and full term and came days before my induction dates but it’s really just taking time to yourself and relaxing and not stressing yourself out. The more stress you put on your body while pregnant with a previous premie jumps those chances higher. And I know it’s hard to relax and not stress when you have a child already but try having a family member or a trusted friend take your son for a few hours and take a warm shower or bath while you can or take a nap and don’t try to clean all in one day break cleaning chores up into like one or two rooms a day and ask your SO/family/trusted friend to do any kind of heavy lifting like taking trash out or moving furniture around so you can clean or whatever. Just don’t put any extra unwanted stress on your body and take time to relax and have just some you time at least once a week. And I know it’s gonna suck but try not to pick your son up too much bc of the extra weight from picking him up can affect it too.

I know it’s hard but stress is never good for you or baby. Babies have lived and done well at 23 weeks. If you hit 28 weeks your baby has a 90% chance of survival with no issues and that’s just a few weeks away. Just try and take it easy but try and keep your mind busy so you dont dwell on it. Also talking to your OB about your anxiety is helpful. They understand best and can do alot to put your mind at ease. Hoping for the best for you :heart::heart:

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I know your stress! My son was born at 35 weeks and my current pregnancy I’m on bedrest for preterm labor which started at 27 weeks, currently 31 weeks.
My advice is to Express your concerns with you OB, try to relax, and take it easy during the pregnancy. :black_heart:

Yes! Feel free to message me if you would like to chat. My first was born at 33 weeks. I had the progesterone injections with my 2nd and 3rd. 2nd pregnancy made it to 37 weeks and third made it to 38.

You always feel things earlier the second time around, and just because one wasn’t full term doesn’t mean the rest won’t be, and you answered your own question when you stated how well he is doing and only a short NICU stay, things will turn out fine either way. My first was 3 weeks early and I blame alot of that on my anxiety, my second a week earlier, my last was full term. But all were healthy, all are doing great. It will be fine

My first was born at 36 weeks and stayed in the NICU for 1 week because she had fluid in her lungs. During my second pregnancy I did the progesterone shots and my son was born at 38 weeks with no issues and no NICU stay.

My advice from the bottom of my heart momma is breathe. Try to stay calm and don’t stress about it. Stress can be your worst enemy.
If you pray, do that. Deep breaths. Calming things for yourself. Try not to freak out. Listen to your dr.
Sending love