I am pregnant after tubal ligation - has this happened to others?

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Yes it happened to me. I had my first tubal ligation after my son was born. My tubes were cut and burned. My son is 4 years old. I got pregnant again. My daughter is 17 months. After she was born, I had a second tubal ligation but my tubes were removed.


I Got a tubal ligation done after my 3rd child, 5 months later I was in the er being transported by ambo to closest hospital for emergency surgery. I was pregnant, tube ruptured, blood pressure drop and bled internally. I had to have the everything removed, including my tubes. I was totally fine all day went to work and all… ate lunch and my stomach started to hurt I thought I just had to poop, went to sit in the bathroom and I couldn’t move! It happened fast and it was not good I was curled in a ball and in so much pain!


I had a salpingectomy. My OB said they’re doing those more often. They just remove the fallopian tubes completely and the egg is still released but just absorbs or dissolves. Can’t accidentally get pregnant if you don’t have the tubes anymore at all! He stated it reduces the likelihood of some cancers developing as well.


I had mine tied whenever I was under 20 I had a boy and a girl then and thought I was through I had one doctor who tried to put the tube back together but he said one was too short I was hoping for more now I’m here at 48 years old and regrets ever doing it wish I would have more than just two so anybody who had it done and got pregnant that was God telling you you aren’t through he has a plan for you so be proud of what he gave you I would give anything to have another one


I, too, know if someone who had their tubes, cut, tied and burned and they got pregnant. That was years ago. I didn’t know it happens so often.


A friend of mine tested positive 4 days after her tubal was done. She is now 22 weeks carry a healthy baby


My husband worked in the urology clinic at one duty stations when he was in the Army. One day he told us about a guy who came in for a vasectomy .He and his wife had 3 children, after #3 she had her tubes tied. About two years later she was pregnant WITH triplets. He was having a vasectomy and she was having her tubes tied, burned, and whatever else they could do to cut the chances of anymore kids.


My mom had a tubal ligation and I was born 9 years later
She was also on birth control to regulate her cycles so she should have been safe but no …


Oh Lord! You’re the second person I’ve heard of recently. Makes me kinda nervous. How long ago was your tubal?


I worked with a lady for months, who I thought was pregnant. She swore she could not be pregnant because she had her tubes tied. She told me one day she just found out she was 6 months pregnant with her 4th and quit the next day. It was a terrible warehouse job that she would not have been working had she known sooner.

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I had my tubal ligation 3 years ago after my second son. We lost our son at 5 months in 2018. I’d give anything to have another :disappointed:


A friend got pregnant after hubby a a vasectomy so afterwards she got her tubes tied and ended up pregnant again!
Human bodies are crazy sometimes!

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There are a whole lot of people in this works that were born to parents who thought their procedure worked.


How long after because I had it done its been almost 8 years and i haven’t got pregnant. Now you get me scared.


Someone I know did. Her husband got fixed after that. Got pregnant again (and it was his).

Yes I did. Mine was ectopic though. My tubes were completely removed after that. No problems since. That was about 20 years ago for me.

This happened to my mom! Cut, tied and burnt and my little brother slipped through a pin hole lol. He’s always been the biggest pain in the ass of all us kids too :joy::joy: we’re all adults now so I can say that :joy:


My husbands mom had hers burnt tied and clipped after she had him and still got pregnant with his sister


It happens. Only 2 ways to absolutely NOT get pregnant. Don’t have sex or hysterectomy. Otherwise, there is ALWAYS a slim chance.