I am pregnant after tubal ligation - has this happened to others?

I personally don’t know anyone but my mom told me of a couple she met while she was pregnant with brother… the man had had a vasectomy and she had had her tubes tired and she was pregnant…

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A family friend of mine has had her tubes 6 different times and still had a baby after each procedure.


Sometimes I wish I didn’t get mine done or this would happened to me. I got mine tide after I found out my second child was autistic. I didn’t think it would be fair to either of my children or a new baby. My daughter needs a lot of extra attention/supervision.


I had my tubes tied, cut and burned July 2011. Haven’t gotten pregnant again but, sometimes I wish I could try again for a girl :heart_eyes: My husband and I tried 3 times. I totally wouldn’t be upset if I got pregnant again lol

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I had my tubes clipped after my last son 9 years ago. I haven’t gotten pregnant and sometimes I regret having it done but then I look at my hellions fighting and think f that​:rofl::rofl::rofl:
I know a girl that got pregnant but it was an ectopic pregnancy and she lost it then she got pregnant again and had a baby girl.

I had a baby 5 years after my tubes were cut, tied and burned. She’s 18 now and I had a hysterectomy when she was 3 so no chance of a second blessing.

18 years ago I had my tubal, no babies for me. Cut, tied and burned. So glad I did it. I’ve heard of others becoming PG after.

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I had 2 beautiful girls, got my tubes tied, and then 19 years later…I was pregnant again …I finally got a handsome, healthy baby boy…so , yes you can get pregnant after getting your tubes tied…

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I had a tubal in 2009 and am currently 21 weeks pregnant with a completely unexpected baby girl

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Going through an ectopic pregnancy right now and I’ve had my tubes tied for 10 years.

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Daughter was born in 85 Had my tubal the next day ! Son was born in 90

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It happened to some kid I knew in school he was in 11/12th grade the baby of family and his mom got pg.

I had my tubes tied when I was 23 and this is a huge fear if mine. I’m so scared of getting pregnant 10 years down the road and I am sooooo done having kids. I’ve definitely heard of people getting pregnant after a tubal. Most tubals seem to fail pretty early on or 10 years afters its been done.

Had mine clamped 22 yrs ago and I’m still all good . Really wish it had not worked so well , but I’m blessed with 2 beautiful daughters .So it’s ok I guess …lol

It’s supposed to be 99% effective. That sounds like a tiny amount until you realize that means that for every 100 women that get it done 1 gets pregnant. Times that by the millions of women that get it done every year.

My parents knew a coue who divorced cause he thought was fixed. They got back together. But yes I’ve heard of that happening.

I had mine out after my 2 ned son… But i worked with a lady that had hers tied for 14 years remarried and got pregnant

I got my tubes cut n burned when I was 25 after I had my son I got pregnant at 31 but it was a tubal pregnancy and they had to terminate the pregnancy

Twice…1st was 5 months after I had my 2nd child. Had 2nd tubal after 3rd child got pregnant 2 years later.

Yes after tubal ligation I got pregnant with a boy 3 months after . I lost him at 18 weeks . Then got pregnant with a little girl 3 years later. She’s now 3. Yes it def can happen