I am pregnant and cannot get rid of my migraine: Advice?

I have officially had this migraine for 24 hours. I have the stuff to do today, and all I want to do is curl up and cry. My hubby is home to help with our son. I am also 18 weeks pregnant, so I am super limited on-at-home treatment

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Tylenol and a cold pack on the back of your neck.
Sit in a dark room and try to get some rest. Your health and the baby health are important if your body is telling you to rest then rest

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24 hrs isn’t that long , I’ve had a migraine for 5 days , just rest and no noise lie down wear a hat on too

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Vicks on the temples

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Check your blood pressure and keep an eye out for floaters or vision changes and abnormal swelling. If your BP is high or you have those changes go to your doctor. Sometimes having pains is our body telling us that we need to rest. You’re pregnant be easy on yourself.

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Check your blood pressure. If its high please see a dr.

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Have the baby ;).

For me, that was the migraines were ever-present during the pregnancies for my first two (boys) and never in between, then they did not occur during the pregnancy for my third (girl) but I’ve had them ever since! Pesky hormones!

Cold pak on eyes & back of neck. Tylenol Migraine if allowed for pregnancy. No noise or bright light. No cheese, red wine, no things with nitrates, no chocolate. Good luck!

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Two suggestions:

  1. put your feet in a tub of warm water and put an ice pack on the back of your neck simultaneously. Keep adding warm water to keep it warm.
  2. One cold Dr. Pepper. That works for anyone I have ever suggested it to.

Both work.

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Iron supplements. You might be anaemic

You need more magnesium

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SLEEP u have a ongoing headache it’s your body telling you to slow down and sleep it off

Tylenol and warm/hot shower with eucalyptus type smell. I had a migraine a few weeks ago (also pregnant) snd even though it was just a headache, putting vicks vapor rub right at my nose helped. I didn’t feel like I had any sinus issues at all but it helped along with taking tylenol every 4 hours. Warm wash cloth on my fore head helped as well. I also asked my boyfriend to massage all over my head which felt really good and seemed to calm me a little. You should also call your doctor and see what they suggest. Caffeine can also help as well.

White flower… Chinese medicine. Simply wipe on your temples a tiny bit and sniff it or message neck…

Migraines during pregnancy can be a sign of something serious you need to contact your doctor.


I ended up with meds from the doctor to help with my migraines while pregnant. You could also try taking 2 Tylenol with a few sips of coca-cola. Otherwise my OB suggested taking magnesium to help. Honestly though, the meds from the doctor are the only thing that gave me any relief, but everyone is different. Good luck with everything. I hope you feel better soon.

I pack my head in ice packs. Cover myself up in a warm blanket and sleep. Wake up hungry and happy

Look into the Stanton migraine protocol. It literally saved my life. No medications any more!

Drink a slurpee or Ice first enough that it would give you a “brain freeze”. Put your hands in hot water/ice water (for some people it’s heat; others need cold. I find taking a stress B-complex early helps. Peppermint essential oil on your forehead and temples and anywhere you have tension.

If you were someone that drank sodas a lot before pregnant then some caffeine will help. If not, id try the tylenol migraine if its safe during pregnancy. Sorry but i don’t know for sure if it is.

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