I am pregnant and crying because my youngest won't be my baby anymore: Advice?

So my son just turned 2. I’m due to have my second in a couple of weeks. Lately, I can’t stop crying, like actual tears where I can’t control. I’m not typically a crier, so it just is so bizarre to me. I am sad that my son won’t be the baby anymore, then I start thinking of how fast the past two years have gone, and I start crying again. We decided to have another because I want my son to grow up with a sibling and have that bond, but now I just feel guilty that we will just be moving a new baby in. I feel like I’m going crazy, and hoping this is hormones! Has anyone else felt this way? Or can you give me any advice. My husband tries to help me, and I know he’s right when he says growing up is all a part of life, and no I don’t want to stunt his growth lol, I just can’t help but feel an overwhelming sadness that he won’t be this sweet little boy forever and that he will now be the big brother.


You’re hormonal and baby might be closer off than you think. Iv had 6 babies and usually get quite emotional close to birth. Good luck and I’m sure you will be delighted to welcome your new bundle of joy to your family and I’m sure being a big brother will be a awesome role for your son to grow into :blue_heart::heart:


Awwww he will still be a baby!

This is normal. Don’t worry mumma, he’ll always be your baby. Even when he’s a daddy himself.

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Totally normal! :heart: They never stop being your babies, even when they’re 30 :smiley:

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I cried and cried because I was so afraid that I wouldn’t be able to love another child as much as I loved my son. I worried that he would feel unloved, or unwanted by having another baby. I felt guilty stealing time away from him. Then on the other hand, I felt guilty about not giving a new baby as much attention as I was able to give my son. My hormones were crazy sensitive. I think everything you’re feeling is normal. big hugs

If you keep concentrating on how fast the moments are moving, you are going to miss the moments!


Its definitely hormonal! I felt so worried when I had my 2nd I thought my 1st would feel so left out. Turns out all that worry was for nothing!!! Dont worry momma it will be fantastic just let your 2yr old help you with the baby as much as possible!

Totally normal i have 4 and felt the same way breathe mama hes still your baby and always will be

He will always be your first baby…he will always hold a special place in your life for that. Your new baby will also hold a special place in your life as he will he your youngest…I had 2 and they both have such special places in my life! I love them both more than life itself. They are in their mid 30s mow, but they bbn both are still my babies! Let the tears flow and just roll with your hormones…it will all settle put soon enough! Prayers for you sweet lady!

My baby turned 29 n I still cry like where did that lil boy go so fast !! Second baby turned 20 , time goes by quick then you’ll have grand babies :”)

He’ll surprise you and be the best big brother.

Nothing will ever change that special bond with ur first . Nothing . The rest of ur kids will have to come to understand and accept that theres something extra special between u too , they also will be very special when they find there way . I think every mama does this with the 2nd , 3 rd etc… It’s natural but u will see , u have to become two different mamas and u will create something special with #2

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He will always be your sweet little boy just enjoy the blessings God has given you

It’s normal. I’ve had 3 and felt the same with my second two. My oldest will be 24 this year and my youngest and only boy just turned 12. They will always be my babies no matter how grown up they think they are!:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

It is very normal to feel this way… And to be honest the baby will a lot/most of your time… I would suggest you spend as much time as possible with your son as possible maybe read a book to him while nursing/feeding the baby … when the baby sleeps the house can wait a while

Now you’re blessed with two babies…it’s hormones and natural. You’ll love the new one just the same and the older one will still be your baby💕

It’s definitely your hormones and once you see big brother with little brother and witness them play and love eachother you’re gonna feel a whole 'nother way…completely inlove and know this is perfect.

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Hormones lol you will be fine

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No matter how big he gets, he will always be your baby boy. You’ll just have 2 babies instead of one.