I am pregnant and depressed: What can I do to feel better?

I’m a first-time mom. Currently, 29 weeks and something no one warned me about was the constant feeling of loneliness and depression. My husband doesn’t seem to understand or take the initiative to. What are some ways y’all have combated the feeling of loneliness and depression through pregnancy?


Prep and decorate for the baby’s nursery :heart:


Be Careful… I Had a MINOR Problem with “Situational Depression” But was TOLD I Was BI-POLAR…And Therefore Give Medications For BEING Bi-Polar, although I KNEW I wasn’t… By Doing so, I was A Mental Disaster For about SEVEN YEARS, And became Suicidal.as well. Hospitalized & In the Emergency Room So OFTEN They Knew My Name and Why I Was There,… Eventually, after seeing several Different Doctors, ONE Listen to ME… Took me off ALL Medications & Issued me a temporary medication for Anxiety… 3 DAYS afterwords I was Already feeling Better & 2 MONTHS later I was Off ALL Medications after suffering Needlessly for all those YEARS…Your Decision, !!.,. .

Walks, lots of water reading and crosswords. I feel your pain mumma


My doctor put me on a low dose of celexa while I was pregnant and it helped out a lot


Go out with friends and talk to them! I’m going through the same thing. Try to talk to hubs a little at a time about it. Its real and sadly it can affect your marriage (my case) Talk to your doctor as well. A lot of men believe that pregnancy depression and ppd is a joke when indeed it is very real!

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Take time to pamper yourself! Go get a pedicure and your nails done. With a friend or family member. Go to lunch. Do something you really like. Get outside. Especially right now being stuck at home does not help! I just had my baby 3 weeks ago and it’s not an easy time to be pregnant or having a newborn. Talk to your husband, make him understand you need him right now. Maybe a date night! Something to distract your mind. Congratulations and good luck! It does get better


I’m pregnant with my third & suffering so badly this time round. People who aren’t pregnant don’t understand how being pregnant with covid going on around is sooooo isolating & awful & just plain crap. If you ever want to chat, feel free to message me xx


I’m pregnant with my 2nd and I feel hopeless. I want to sleep and be left alone. I was really excited about this baby, but now I don’t even know and I feel like shit for being like that.

I had prenatal depression with my seconds son. It’s a serious thing to have like post partum depression and more likely for it as well. I went to councilor and was given pregnancy safe depression meds

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I’m a doula in training and after reading required material on ppd, I find this book on depression during pregnancy. Not sure how good it is but I look forward to reading it in the future. Hugs to you momma!

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Find something to keep your mind off of it. I’d recommend perler beads to make things with there’s so much you can make. When I’m feeling down and depressed I make things and it calms be down.

Definitely took time to just talk to my baby. Even though it felt kind of weird at first, I spent time just chit chatting with my tummy and feeling all the kicks in the meantime was a mood booster :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: also made the connection that much better when I got to finally see his beautiful face :heart_eyes:

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Some of us experience this, some of us do not. I, myself did. I am a type of “ real” person, so i would like to say… please mention it to your doctor , not to be negative, but to keep it “ real” your feelings might intensify after the baby, your hormones are horrible things that can cause your feelings to intensify and lead to Postpartum, and your doc can prescribe you medicine to help right after you have the baby. Hang in there lil momma, you will have high and lows with this momma hood. A lot of changes take place with being prego and having a baby. Even afterwards, some of us struggle with this. pampering yourself is a huge start! When others pamper us, it helps too!! :heart: Do not take this feeling lightly. There is a huge difference between pregnancy blues and postpartum. When you say “alone” I understand, but nobody else can unless they experience this. Please get on meds as soon as you can.

No idea but I’m 28 weeks and feeling the same… :pensive::pensive::pensive:

Please go talk to your doctor and see a counselor

Just think in several weeks you’ll have one of the best things in the world a precious baby it’s the best feeling in the world you won’t have time for lonly or depressed. Your best friend. Love with no end that baby will be your world.

I have same. I keep talking to myself reminding me that its all hormones that cause my depressed state. I keep repeating it to myself. And try keep busy by nice movie or walking. I avoid overthinking. Also i watch baby boom on YouTube it shows real maternity ward births and i feel happy to have my baby soon.

Defiantly go speak to a therapist, it will really help with how to handle your feelings and cope, but most importantly not to let it spiral once the baby is here. It can be really tough reach out to your Dr and get a referral x

Please discuss your feelings with your doctor as soon as you can, and before your baby’s arrival. Although post partum depression is fairly common, depression during pregnancy may be a symptom of other health issues. Praying for you!