I am pregnant and don't feel like myself anymore: When does this pass?

I just entered 2nd trimester with my first baby… and while the morning sickness has slowed down “to a degree,” I still feel gross, I know obviously with all the changes my body is going through, it’s not gonna feel normal, but I can’t even put on semi-nice clothes without being uncomfortable… Idk how pregnant people wear jeans or anything tight-fitting, when most of the time when I’m at home, I walk around starkers naked or just with loose PJ pants on cause it’s a bit easier, and if I go shopping, I’m in PJ pants and my partner’s shirt with my hair in a bun. I haven’t worn makeup or gotten my eyebrows waxed in months. Shaving is just in the too hard basket ATM. Even showering or anything to do with Water makes me nauseous or sick “yes, I still shower to be clean, but my head is in the toilet straight after” Tbh I’m surprised my partner still wants to do the Horizontal shuffle with me cause the last thing I feel right now is attractive. Does this feeling ever go away? Cause I am SO not feeling the “Glow” yet.

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Im in the 2nd trimester and I’m feeling exactly the same girl. I feel like crap most days… hard to really get anything done either. I’m hoping this feeling passes for both of us

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I wore a lot of long loose skirts and t-shirts or just a comfy dress no undies required morning sickness will pass soon even though you feel you want to die it will get better

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3rd baby 3rd trimester and im feeling that way
Since the beginning. This pregnancy is alot diff than the other 2. Idk what the heck.
Hope you start feeling better :blue_heart:

Maternity pants were my life during and after pregnancy. I found decent price maternity clothes at Ross’s

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I swear by old navy maternity leggings. I’m wearing them now and their maternity camp nursing hoodies. A lil foundation and mascara and I feel somewhat put together.

But I def had a breakdown today cause my other half doesn’t compliment me enough :grimacing:

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Not really feeling any glow. More like a bloated whale. Lol. It feels better when you start to see the baby kick. Then it sorta hits you that you’re doing a miracle and growing a tiny human :grin: and then by week 36 ish you start to get fed up of waddling around and just want the baby out. But it’s all worth it. They come out so cute and squishy. And the new baby smell is the best thing ever!!

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no pajama pants outside of house they make pregnant pants

Honestly there’s not really anything that’s gonna change the way you feel. Try to do your best to be as comfortable as possible. Everyone and every pregnancy is different. I wore whatever made me not feel uncomfortable regardless of what anyone thought.

I bought a few maternity pants & leggings. It helped I still wore them 2 years after😂 But 3 years ago I had to throw em away.

Ladies ur all beautiful :heart:bringing a life into the world is so amazing Been there done that all those feelings of being ugly pass once u see n touch ur baby ugly isn’t what u shud feel or think :heart:god bless all of u​:heart::heart:

I’m 8 weeks and felt horrible since the beginning. My first baby 6 years ago was nothing like I feel now I sleep all day I am wxact same with the water side of things I just throw up right away never realised how many smells set me off gagging until now being pregnant is supposed to feel good and have a glow I definitely don’t feel that way now either your not on your own huni xx

It does go away. I wish I could say its easy, but it’s not. I have felt the same way with both of my pregnancies. It only went away for me after the baby is born and I started working out and eating right on a regular basis. Once we all got into a routine and the weight started to fall off I felt like myself again. It just takes time momma

Get yourself some maternity pants and tops. Ross has a maternity section/ rack and target has some good maternity clothes too. No sense in feeling bad bc normal clothes just do not fit right. You’ll want to get a good nursing cami and/or bra to for later.

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I had my baby a week ago and I basically spent this entire pregnancy in sweatpants.

Be comfortable. If you want/need to wear something like jeans or dress pants, see if you can get a pair of maternity pants with the elastic belly panel. You won’t be able to wear the regular tight fitting clothes and you should prioritize your comfort over how you look as often as you can.

You might not be comfortable again until after you have your baby. Some people love pregnancy but a lot of people are very uncomfortable throughout. Try not to judge yourself compared to how other people feel.

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I didn’t feel the “glow” with my first 2 pregnancies :grimacing: this is baby #3 and I most definitely do. Probably because I know how much I’m going to miss my man when the baby comes and we switch from man-to-man defense to zone :rofl::woman_shrugging:t3:

Girl do not feel bad. Mt first pregnancy, I didn’t wear any clothes unless I left the house, I felt completely suffocated with them on, not only that, I was sick my entire pregnancy, it slowed come 2nd trimester but I still puked more often then I wanted.

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I’m felling this same way, honestly it’s good to know I’m not alone.


When you’ve had the baby lol because your body is always changing

I never had a glow. I threw up all the damn time. I had acne for the first time in my life and it was horrible and painful. felt like crap for most of my pregnancy. I guess it’s just like that sometimes. Wear the loose clothes and relax as much as you feel necessary. Its rough. Media lies and makes us think pregnancy is all glamorous and stuff but moms everywhere will tell you otherwise lol. The reward at the end is why we do it. I wish you all the best for your pregnancy.