I am pregnant and every time I sit down my hip pops out of place: Advice?

So as of tomorrow I’ll be 17 weeks along, and I’m a FTM but everytime I sit down bend down or anything like that my left hip pops out of place and at times it’s so bad that I want to cry if my left foot even leaves the ground and when I lay down it does make me cry, and it’s really hard not bend down or sit down because on a daily basis I help my step mom with 2 babies she has temporary custody of who are 17 months and 7 months has anyone else had to deal with this and how did you manage it. It also might help to state that I’m 17 Please no rude comments about my age I hear it all the time but thank you for any info you may have


It’s from the relaxin in your body preparing to open your birth canal. There’s not much you can do until after the baby comes and it calms down.

Just a side affect of pregnancy, unfortunately.

Maybe a chiropractor?

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It’s very normal happens in every pregnancy unfortunately there’s nothing you can do about it

Definitely talk to your doctor
Some women develop hip dysplasia from the pressure on their hips.

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My daughter got 2 prenatal massages and it helped tremendously

I thought my left hip was going out for the last year and finally it hurt so much I had to ask the Dr about it. Turns out it wasn’t a hip problem but a back problem (sciatica).

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Maybe a support belt? I have one for lower back issues maybe your doctor could give you some recommendations


Normal my 4th baby was bad I carry my girls super low my hip popped even after giving birth took a couple months for my hip to stop after having her your body is changing and your bones and muscles relax to accommodate baby and get ready for baby to grow and eventually for the birth

prenatal massage, chiropractor, a bath or massage it to help. your ligaments are stretching and bones are shifting as baby gets bigger, it’s normal hun, just try to relax!

Sciatica. Use heat pads at night and sleep with a pillow between your legs.

I had this so bad with my second, I was actually taken off work at 21 weeks

Please go see a Webster certified chiropractor mama!

It’s normal, but you should definitely talk to your doctor about it and see if he or she has any advice on things that might help it be more tolerable for you. I had similar issues during each of my 3 pregnancies. I used a pillow between my legs at night, did alot of simple leg stretches, and used a heating pad on my lower back and upper legs alot.

Might want to try some stretches on youtube. Make sure you lifting with your knees to take some strain off your hip

I had problems with my left hip during my pregnancy as well. Walking was okay it hurt every now and then but laying down and rolling over in bed hurt like hell

Try some stretches and light exercise, I’m 17wks too and it does help take the edge off. Or lay down on your side for a couple minutes with a pillow between your legs.

Are you sure it’s your hip going out of place? I had sciatica so bad in pregnancy and it still bothers me when sitting some but thankfully is usually ok.

Sounds like pubic symphysis disorder. I had it with my two girls and am currently pregnant and have it again. Unfortunately there’s not much you can do other than take Tylenol and rest. When you roll in bed keep your knees together; avoid standing on one foot (sit to put on pants); don’t sit with your legs crossed. Some people’s bodies create more relaxin than others and that causes your pelvis to separate more which results in the pain. I know it’s painful!! I’ve had my pelvis pop and grind and ache so much. Google it for more info

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See your OBGYN and get to a chiropractor, physical therapist and do pregnancy massage.

I did that with my second pregnancy. Sucked! Buuuut I went to a chiropractor and they put it back and I was good for the rest of my pregnancy. I think I was 22 weeks when i went.