I am pregnant and have a sharp pain my vagina: Advice?

I’m 25 wks today, and for about two weeks now, I’ve been having this sharp pain in my vagina bone. But here for the past few days, it’s like pressure with the pain. I’m fine once I lay down, but when I’m sitting or even when I roll over in bed, it hurts pretty bad. I’ve called my doctor, but she told me they would check everything out when I see her April 1. Have any of you moms have/had this happen. This is my 4th pregnancy.


It’s probably just the pressure on ur bradd or the baby stretching xx

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It’s a term called ‘lightening crotch’:joy: do you wear a support belt as that could help


Yes but it was just my body and hips shifting

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Lighting crotch I’d get a support belt. It doesn’t go away but it kinda sorta halfway helps with those pains


Lightening crotch and it sucks

Lightening crotch or pelvic girdle pain

I had the same for awhile, it just started to ease up. My doctor said it was just from everything growing, stretching & baby being so low. I’m almost 36 weeks, she checked me and 0 dilation or thinning and said she couldn’t help I would have to ride it out unfortunately :sob: it would literally feel like I was being ripped down in my pelvis area when I would do anything besides lay still. Unfortunately being a mom of other littles it’s gonna be hard but try to relax as much as possible and only get up and do things that are much needed!

Yep. Feels like you’re holding a bowling ball. It’s normal. I use a heating pad every night, it’ll help a little. my pain started about the same time 25-26 weeks, I am now 36 weeks and it’s gotten worse. :weary: hang in there! Lol

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Lightning crotch was the wooorst

I had it really bad and my doctor prescribed some muscle relaxers to help relieve the tension and got me set up with physical therapy. The muscles in my hips and around my bladder were just too tight and couldn’t handle the movement.

Yes it was awful but they told prop feet up when i could nothing can really be done

Lightning crotch. Ouch!

Its normal. I had it throughout my entire pregnancy

Yep! It’s okay as long as there’s no blood and baby is still active. Sucks lol but okay. For 3 weeks I could not sit only lay

I have this. Finding it slightly funnier now I know it’s called lightning crotch. Only 2.5 weeks left and a global pandemic to worry about :woman_facepalming::+1:

I’m 35 weeks and still have this don’t fret it’ll last and is normal till birth. As long as your not high risk. You’ll be fine. If it’s accompanied by cramping than call the doctor.

My midwife suggested getting a yoga ball and belly band.

I had that pain late in my pregnancy sadly I lost my full term baby boy due to placenta prévia (spelling) plz ck this out! I was spotting blood too