I am pregnant and have insanely itchy nipples: Please help!

Basically, I’m nearly 28 weeks pregnant, and the last week or two, I’ve been suffering from insanely itchy nipples. To the point, it keeps me awake at night, and when I do eventually sleep, I think I’m scratching them in my sleep because I wake up, and they’re so sore! Is this normal has anyone else had this before? And is there any advice to ease the itchiness? Obviously, try not to itch it is one piece of advice, haha! It sits easier said than done. It’s such a strong, persistent itch help, please!


Your areolas are itchy because they’re stretching out to prepare for breastfeeding.

Put some Neosporin on them

Go to the pharmacy they might recommend a cream to ease the itching and possibly fix it if you have an infection of sorts

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Use a nipple cream, friars balsam is excellent, if you can find it.

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Yes it’s normal, try aloe Vera gel x

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Or try cool washcloths

Or could be yeast infection

look for Weleda cream, nipple balm

Use the mandela nipple cream dont use Neosporin as it absorbs into them

It’s normal skin is stretching

Gention violet ask for it at the pharmacy

Straight Vaseline, not a scented one

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Is there itching in other place like the palms or feet?

It’s called " Udder Cream" you can buy at Walmart. It’s truly the best ever and I lived by this.

I am almost 22 weeks, my boobs nipples I have been itchy. I have to go buy new bras since everything grew

That’s how I discovered I was 3 months pregnant as I was leaving marriage 22 years ago… ask obgyn I’m sure there is something out there now holistic you can use! Congratulations :tada:

Go to doctor…could be thrush…

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Use vitamin e oil it relieves the itching.

Use an organic nipple cream. It works amazingly. I has the same issue and it helps with itchy cracked nipps