I am pregnant and having issues keeping food down: Advice?

Haven’t been able to keep down food for the last 3 days. 16 weeks pregnant as soon as I eat something 5-10 minutes later I throw it up.


Don’t eat until your full. Literally just a few bites. Repeat every hour. It’s not satisfactory when ur probably starving but it’s better than puking . Mom of 4.

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Zofran ask your doctor for a prescription. Its a life saver during pregnancy/nausea.

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Your doctor might have to prescribe you something. I was on zofran for a short period of time.

Its called morning sickness :woman_shrugging:

Newman’s own lemonade & saltines. By the gallon!!!

That’s normal, I go through it until delivery

I’m in the same boat right now , and 16 w and some days I use zofran , but mine isn’t morning sickness I get ‘motion’ sickness . So salt and coke settle your stomach so I usually have to snack on that lightly and take zofran. And wait a while before I move around a lot or go anywhere , also mints and cold air help. My OB recommended snacking every 15 minutes . Something light.

Call your doctor asap! I was sick almost my whole pregnancy (28 years ago) and it was all day long. Even with prescriptions sometimes, I was still sick no matter what I ate.

I had a severe form of morning sickness that lasted my entire pregnancy they had me on zofran and promethazine. I lagit thought I had the flu so I went to the doctor where I was told my appendix was about to ruptur and I need to get to the hospital asap well went to the hospital was in the waiting room for 6 hours before I got a room then in ny room for like 3 hours before a doctor walked in and said so is this your first pregnancy and my jaw hit the floor so I know how you feel. Dont ask your doctor if they think its needed go demand to be put on zofran or promethazine

Hopefully it will pass. I treated it like a hangover and it worked. 🤷 :joy::joy:.

Ask for Zofran from your doctor! In the meantime try apples or popsicles. That’s all I could keep down my first trimester :sweat:

Crackers and hard candy, don’t fall for those preggie pops they are expensive for a small pack, but a bag of jolly ranchers. If you can stomach it, gingerail and water for hydration. Small sips

Honestly nothing really worked for me… and they wouldn’t prescribe anything either. I expected to throw up everytime I ate (after only a few bites) but I would finish my food and not throw up until my next meal. It became a routine thing for me. But certain foods made it worse. So maybe try and figure out which ones are the worst for you and don’t eat them. Also gatorade helps a little


Tums and prescription anti nausea!!

I’m almost 28 weeks and I’m always sick lol some days I’m not, but sometimes certain things will bug me one day and the next be totally fine with it. It is what it is lol

I was the same way up until about 19 weeks. Morning sickness pills would not work. My Dr. prescribed me omeprazole, a heartburn pill and it works! I did not k ow what heartburn felt like but when I got heartburn it would make me really sick.

Careful with zofran it has been linked to birth defects but may be necessary I took it during my first pregnancy but this time around I am making do with B6 vitamin and unisom my doctor will not prescribe Zofran any longer also phenergan may be a option for a prescription but the unisom and B6 you can buy at any pharmacy

I ate crackers and tomato juice, the only thing that stayed down.

B6 and unisom. Take it at night before bed