I am pregnant and having trouble sleeping: Advice?

I’m currently 28.3 weeks pregnant, and I am not able to sleep whatsoever! I have body pillows, I’ve tried all sorts of positions, my body just won’t let me sleep, and I am physically and mentally drained…What can I do to get some sleep, and what helps??


Did u try bath before bed?

Magnesium will help with sleep

Ask your Dr if you can take melatonin.


It’s okay for you to drink chamomile it’s all natural herbs that will help you relax

I took unisom. But honestly not very often and it really just prepared me for not getting any sleep when the little one came. I coped way better than my husband lol

Benadryl and melatonin

I always sleep on my side when i was pregnant its hard and there are pillows for pregnancy too if u can buy one but yeah it will all get better once the baby is out

Try and relax in a bathtub and maybe you could get some sleep that way but don’t go to sleep in the tub

Warm milk, chamomile tea, lavender lotion or bath wash

Talk to your ob. He/she can definitely point you in the right direction. Most over the counter aids are safe for occasional use, melatonin occasionally. But at this point in your pregnancy you will most likely feel exhausted all day/all of the time but can’t sleep at night. If you can cat nap during the day that will help some. But right now from my experience your sleep will absolutely suck. Sorry hun, good luck

I am 29 weeks pregnant, and I usually do one of these before bed or when I’m having one of my sleepless nights.

I had the same problem my ob had me take unisom

Its not easy Im almost 33 weeks and have such a hard time sleeping…i have a pillow between my legs one under my head one behind my back and one pillow to hug…lol it’s ridiculous

Maybe soak in a lavender infused bath. Lavender is calming and relaxing. Melatonin is great also. It’s natural. So it wont harm baby.

Left side with a pillow between knees

It will only get worse :pensive: But the prize is so worth it. :revolving_hearts::revolving_hearts::baby::revolving_hearts::revolving_hearts:

Hot baths are amazing with some Epson Salt and my OB told me Benadryl was fine to take too.

I had to be prescribed Ambien. I had a medical issue prior to pregnancy that caused my brain to forget how to shut down for sleep. I was on Lunesta prior to getting pregnant and my provider switched me to Ambien. The benefits outweighed the risks in my case.

Following this post! I’m 20 weeks and have the same problem I am mentally and physically exhausted due to lack of sleep