I am pregnant and I think I injured my back: Advice?

Has anyone else ever experienced injuring your back muscles or lower ribs being injured in the last few weeks of pregnancy? I’m 36 weeks pregnant and went to cough earlier, and when I did, I felt a huge pop in my lower ribs, and now I can barely move! It’s so painful I have no idea what to do or if I could be really injured just from coughing.


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Best to go see your dr.

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Definitely call up your doc!

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People have broken ribs from coughing so it’s possible. Go in to get checked.

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I had the same thing happen I had bronchitis when I was 8 months pregnant. I was coughing so hard I tore a muscle in my lower back! I was in so much pain went to the hospital they checked everything gave me meds on was on bedrest for a while

You should call your DR.
But you can also see a chiropractor while you are pregnant. Alot of people are not aware of that.

I had this. Coughing excessively can cause your ribs to get inflamed. I would tear up every time I would cough and if I got the hiccups I thought I was going to die. I couldn’t twist or even lay on my right side. It was AWFUL. Unfortunately, there’s nothing that they can do or give you to help. Just tylenol and to kick the sickness! It took about 2 months for mine to finally heal up

Go. To. The. Doctor!


You could of broke a rib.

I injured my back and couldnt walk the next day, and they wanted to check the heartbeat and make sure baby was okay, and all that, very important to get checked!

You could have a broken rib, see Doc

Definitely go to the docs asap

Go to your Dr you could have broken or cracked a rib! And yes it can happen from coughing too hard or when you’re pregnant. Best if luck

Go to the er and get checked.

I pulled a muscle in my back coughing before. Crazy stuff happens

Broken rib, not sure they can do much for you being pregnant. I broke mine coughing and all they did was give me pain meds.

You need to get to a Chiropractor or your medical doctor to get
Checked out!

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Go to ER and get checked

Let’s not go to the doctor. Let’s see what a bunch of random people say. :woman_shrugging: