I am pregnant and keep getting UTI's: Advice?

I just want to know if any other Mamas suffered from multiple UTI infections during any pregnancy. I just recently got treated two weeks ago for a severe UTI infection & now I have another one. I took all my antibiotics on time, as prescribed, I am clean; hygiene wise, use non scented body wash as well as my baby’s father & i both make sure we take a shower before & after being intimate. Nothing seems to be working, I didn’t have this issue with my first pregnancy. I am worried that something may happen to the baby & i am tired of being sick. Is there also a chance my doctor may do more then just prescribe antibiotics if the UTI infections keep occuring?


Hydrate and take cranberry pills! They’re natural and help keep the UTIs away!


I went through this started at the beginning of my pregnancy and has been going on for a year straight!
Ended up sepsis and it was my kidneys.
My advice is ask for further testing and rule out kidney stones or infection and get referred to a Urologist!

Me✋🏻 sooo I had one right off the bat with my first pregnancy then ended up getting them multiple times to the point I was on medication for it my entire pregnancy, but be careful and stay hydrated because it actually caused me to have a kidney infection that hospitalized me for almost a week.

Don’t hold your pee, make sure to pee after sex, stay hydrated. Our urine is stronger while pregnant maybe get some wet whipped and make sure you clean yourself really well. Drink lots of cranberry juice if you can’t stand the taste then cranberry pills will work. Eat yogurt


Is your husband or boyfriend also being treated? It’s possible that he could have contracted some bacteria as well…just saying.


I have this same issue! Drink lots of water and cranberry! And its sounds bad but try to abstain from sex for awhile!

Your baby’s father may need to get checked. Not saying he’s cheating or anything, but men carry bacteria and don’t know it and it can be given to you and since your hormones are already out of whack due to pregnancy, it makes it harder to fight off bad bacteria. Also, try drinking Cranberry juice, it helps keep them at bay. Add more water too, one that helps with your Ph balance.
Please note, yeast infections are common during pregnancy as well, so stay dry down there as much as possible…me, I go commando :woman_shrugging:t4::joy:


Sauerkraut creates a peroxide in your urine

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I don’t think I’ve ever taken prescription for uti I drink unsweetened cranberry, pomegranate, or cherry juice and water so much water

The only time I ever had a UTI was my first pregnancy and they would recurr until I started drinking cranberry juice everyday. It really does help!

Drink a lot of water!

My first pregnancy i had 18 uti’s

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Cran-grape juice worked the best for me

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Pee immediately after sex!

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hydrate to the point that you feel like you are about to burst and then drink some more… also do not hold your pee, make bathroom trips often and right away

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Do you take baths? This can be a source for UTIs :disappointed_relieved:

I suffered from this horribly i got severe uti’s every 2-4 weeks at 5 months pregnant Never suffered from uti’s before my pregnancy. I ended up in OB Triage every time they said it was just from my pregnancy and i had kidney stones causing my uti’s cuz everytime they cultured my urine it was clean of infection but always had blood in it so i took a low dose of antibiotics till the end of my pregnancy sadly it just took the edge off. It was the worst part of being pregnant cuz they couldn’t do anything for me but mine did not affect the baby she was born healthy but they did keep a close eye on her. Hope yours gets better!

Have your blood sugar checked.

Also takes lots of probiotics! After one round of antibiotics it can take our bodies 6 months to get our gastrointestinal tract bacteria balanced right IF we are eating super healthy. Do some research, it’s unreal. Even with taking probiotics it can take up to 6 months. Take them in the morning and don’t eat for 30 mins afterward to get the best results. Everything from our urinary tract to our vaginal canals are balanced by gut health. Walmart has some good ones for $20. Read the labels and make sure you get the ones that have all the strains in it, some are marketed for women/men or younger/older but read the labels