I am pregnant and my baby is only 6-months-old: Needing encouraging words

My LO is 6 months old and I just found out that I am 4 weeks pregnant. We were not trying but we should have been more careful. I will love this baby regardless but am freaking out about having two so close in age. Any advice or encouraging words? Can you also breastfeed while pregnant? I am not ready to quit.


Congratulations mommy!! You got this!!!

Get as much sleep as you can now! :joy::joy: But good luck and even though it might be scary now you will figure it out :two_hearts::two_hearts:

Congrats Its a blessing… I got kids 13 months apart and it’s beautiful

Its going to suck for a while. But once you’re able to get a routine going it will get better.

My first two are 13 months apart and inseparable it amde things easier for me.

Yes you can still Breastfeed it actually helps keep the milk up for your new little too and its probably better they are close in age so they can play together as the get older also sense Your not out of buying pampers yet it will be easier rather than having to get used to changing pampers again…you can do this!

You can feed while preganant and can even tandem feed after too if you wanted. Join some breastfeeding support groups. You got this mumma

My sister and I are 361 days apart we kept each other occupied as toddlers and I always had some one to play with. It will be tough in the beginning but you got this!!


I found out when my son was 7 months that I was like 2 months along. Due in november and I’m terrified lol

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Congratulations. My daughter was 4 months old when I got pregnant on birth control with my son. It is hard having two so close in age but it’s also very rewarding. My two are extremely close with one another and best of friends. Just take deep breath and embrace your babies. I promise you will make it thru it. I encourage everyone to have their children close together.

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And I thought mine were close in age. Don’t stress too much. It can be done. Best thing you can do is get a routine going for all of you. Wake up and go to sleep at certain times, eat at certain times, give/take baths at certain times, take them outside at certain times. It’ll be tough at first but you’ll all get the hang of it. Congratulations!!

I have an only child and oh how I wish I would have given him a sibling near his age! It’s a blessing enjoy it!

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I got pregnant with my second when my daughter was only 5 months old (not planned either!) No lie, it’s hard but once You get a routine going once baby is here, it’ll be easier. You’ll love seeing how close they’ll be! I know you’re scared, I’ve been there. But YOU GOT THIS. it’s ok to cry, to need a break, to feel overwhelmed but always remember that’s it’s temporarily until they get older, enjoy them. Here’s a pic of my babies now. 13 months apart. (Dirty because they play outside all morning :crazy_face:)


I found out I was pregnant when my son was 7 months. Hes now 14 months and due next Friday. Its nerve racking but I’m excited. itll be okay.

I have two sets of Irish twins, it’s not as scary as you are imagining… getting them on a synced schedule and having an awesome bedtime routine is a must. They are going to learn so many things together and that will bond them for a lifetime :heart:

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I’m pregnant with my 3rd and my 2nd is not even 13 months yet. They will barely be 14 months apart IF I make it to my due date which I haven’t in the past. I’m scared but know I can do it for my babies. You got this mama.

:raising_hand_woman::raising_hand_woman:this just happens to me … found out at 18 weeks so did have time for it to sink in lol I’m due in 2 weeks and my baby is almost 14 months … I’m terrified lol but its happening so I guess that why we woman are the way we are and we just getter done :wink:

Mine are 11 months apart. I’m not going to lie or sugar coat it,it is hard! Eventually though it will get easier,and they can keep eachother busy :slightly_smiling_face: Congratulations :heart:

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They will be best of friends and keep each other entertained. My oldest 2 (out of 4) are 14 months apart.

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