I am pregnant and my boyfriend makes comments about how much I eat: Thoughts?

My boyfriend and I are expecting our first child together. He’s been very supportive in every way, but one thing that bothers me is his jokes about me eating. I’m currently six months, and my appetite is increasing. I find myself in the kitchen all day and night. He’s starting to hurt my feelings with his teasing. He says things like, “Let me hurry up and get something before it’s all gone.” Or “Damn you just ate? You eating again??!” And then laughs about it. He knows it upsets me, and he says I’m just kidding calm down. But my feelings are really hurt. I don’t know how to get him to understand that my body is going through all types of changes, and I would like for him to be more sensitive. Any tips??


That’s rude. I would smack my husband if he ever did that


Tell him to fuck off🤷🏻‍♀️

You’re both probably blowing this out of proportion. Firmly tell him to knock it off, you’re eating for two. If he doesn’t, eat him too! :rofl:


Tell him to stop being an asshole?

Too bad you cant get him pregnant hed understand then

you are eating for two people.you do not want a malnourished child to come into the world.

While shoving something in your mouth tell him to shut tf up.

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Tell him to shut the hell up then go get a donut

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I think your just emotional lol if he says hes kidding have a laugh with him, not like hes insulting you. Everyone seems so PC these days.


I joke like that to my husband :joy: I ask him if he’s having my baby… I guess it depends on your relationship. Cause I would joke back like yes I am, me and baby are hungry.


Have him go to a doctor’s appointment with you. He is being an idoit.

Sit him down and tell him how it makes you feel when he makes these type of comments towards youuuuuuuu

Sit down with him and straight up tell him, the way you joke about my eating is inappropriate, hurts my feelings and you need to grow the hell up and stop it!!
Men will treat you the way you allow them to treat you.

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My husband does that too and it truly hurts. He doesnt care.

Tell him he is hurting you.

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take him to your OBGYM with you and have them explain it also there is a PG tummy you can get and have him wear it will teach him how your tummy and back feel now

Pregnancy hormones are making you emotional about it because you yourself do not like the increased appetite. Should go away


coming from a fellow huge pregnant chick, you are probably being overly sensitive… but, if you’ve already explained that the “excessive” teasing hurts your feelings then your boyfriend should work a little harder at teasing you less


So what, you’re pregnant, you get a pass to eat whatever whenever. I didn’t bother me when people joked about my eating when I was pregnant, I was proud to be pregnant and I didn’t give a damn what people said about my eating habits. That you’re probably a little bit more sensitive now also. If it bothers you and he knows it tell him to shut the f******.