I am pregnant and my fiance does not want a child: Advice?

So I’m a happy mom of 2, and I have been a single mom since the very beginning until I met my fiance four years ago. We have been living together for almost two years now, and he is great with my kids and with me… he treats us well. He is always there for us… my problem is that I recently discovered that I’m pregnant and felt very, very happy about it… my fiance is, however, totally against having a baby now… we are working both long hours and only started new jobs a few months back… I sorted everything at work, so this should be fine, and trying to find solutions to make our life better, but he still wants me to have an abortion and says that he will probably feel that it’s too much for him after a while. I don’t want to ruin my relationship by forcing him to have a child but at the same time feel that I won’t forgive myself or him for forcing me to give up on our child… I am approx five weeks pregnant and totally lost… can you mamas help please?


Sounds like you need to sit down and really think about this. If you abort, you could regret it and end up hating him. Do what you feel is best, not what he feels is best.

Do not allow him to force you to do anything. Your body your choice.


Screw the dude if he’s a jerk that would ask you to do a thing like that just move on with your children and don’t look back!!! You’ll never forgive yourself and you’ll grow to hate him more than likely!!!


Forget the guy keep the baby​:smiling_face_with_three_hearts::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Leave him and sue for child support!!! :face_with_monocle::triumph:


Dump him, and don’t look back!!


He says he doesn’t want it. You have three choices. One have an abortion. 2 stay have the child but understand it will create a divide. Three leave and have the baby


Don’t do it!! Many of my friends that had an abortion, totally regret it for the rest of their lives. Its not just about him, its what u want too. I’d never kill a baby

And id leave this dude asap


If you got an abortion because that’s what he wants it would ruin you and your relationship . Your child should come before a man he’ll get over it


What do you want to do? Don’t let him decide for you. In my personal opinion, a child is always a blessing. I can’t imagine abortion as an option. Maybe he will change his mind after the baby is born.

Thats such a hard place to be in… I couldnt imigine… However… I think you both need to sit down and talk… And listen… And be honest… That’s a huge life decision to make…


What do you want? You are carrying part of you and your family and his and his family. For me, I was raised in a family that believes every life is sacred. God’s gift. This baby deserves a chance to live. He sounds selfish and immature. You can always adopt the baby out if you feel you aren’t ready. I pray for you and your baby and yes, even the babies father. I was raised in a family that believes that God always puts an extra potato on the table…prayers for you and your decision


Ugh yeah the man would be gone before my baby would.

If he didn’t want a child, did he do anything to prevent said child?


This is really tough as I can see both views. Unfortunately sounds like your relationship may be forfeit if you have a child but there’s a chance he could come around. Important facts are did you discuss beforehand having kids and was birth control used or were both parties neglectful? At the end of the day you choose whats right for you but sounds like some sacrifices will be made either way.

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If you choose a man over your kids, that’s as low as a mother gets.


First of all you don’t let no man tell you to have an abortion if you have this abortion God will not forgive you okay you need to let him go cuz to me you don’t love you or the child a real man will love you and a child not your abortion have the baby and move on okay don’t let no man tell you what to do that’s your child God bless you with that tire and you keep that child drop him like a hot potato and move on


I couldn’t live with myself on the abortion choice, adoption if you dont wanna keep the baby but i dont think id choose him over the baby, so you just gotta do what feels right to you, if you decide to carry the baby just please make sure its loved