I am pregnant and my spouse doesn't want to be intimate: Advice?

I’m six months pregnant, and my boyfriend doesn’t want to be intimate. He says it’s because we’ve been arguing a lot, but it’s making me feel terrible about myself. Especially with being pregnant. It makes my mind wander and overthink, and we just argue again. I’m not sure what to do. I told him it hurts me. He doesn’t replace the intimacy anywhere else, like telling me I’m beautiful or anything. I told him it’s not even about just having sex. It’s about wanting that intimacy and closeness, but he doesn’t even get turned on by me anymore. I’m not sure what to do anymore, and I feel like I’m drowning in my emotions.


Intimacy does not equate sex. If he doesn’t feel close to you, set some time aside to spend with one another without expecting or asking for sex.


My hubby tried this. Come to find out he was scared of hurting me or the baby. I took him to the doctor and had the doctor educate him.


A boyfriend is NOT yours spouse :roll_eyes:


My husband has struggled both pregnancies. He says it feels different and he’s just kind of weirded out that there’s a baby right there.


My boyfriend was the same way turns out it was because he was cheating on me while I was pregnant. But not all of them are the same! Talk to him. Take him to the doctor and have him educated. Best of luck girly.


My boyfriend is the same way hes afraid hes gonna hurt the baby and I will be 31 weeks this Saturday but I still get other attention though even if it’s just holding me watching a movie

Maybe hes just scared of hurting u or baby

I’m sorry you’re dealing with this. As suggested by others, try other ways to connect with each other. See if you can’t talk to him and figure out why he doesn’t want to have sex. It may just be a misunderstanding of him thinking he can hurt you or the baby.

Maybe try initiating foreplay? Sometimes they think they will hurt you or baby n the baby bump freaks them out too. I’m 6 months pregnant and I have a very active sex life with my honey however I did read about other dads just feeling weirded out about it. I know how it must suck because my hormones are thu the roof and I want it more than he can handle sometimes lol. Maybe just ask him what the issue is and that your willing to hear him out without judgment. If not you may have to resort to some toys for now. Heck do it in front of him and maybe he will see what he is missing lol. You never know.

Sit on him till he tells you Wtf is wrong sis. He wasn’t complaining when he was cuming in you.

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Lmao i take from my man


There,s too many instances of the man turning away from women. It must have something to do withe Madonna complex. I don’t understand it. Pregnancy is natural and can happen at any time. It takes 2 and a healthy man understands it.

My hubby was the same but it was because he was scared he would hurt baby and kind of weird having sex with a baby being inside … like understandable though for a male to feel like that.

My hubby was the exact same way for the last few months of my pregnancy, when I finally expressed how it was making me feel especially with him being 1300km away for 90% of my pregnancy due to work. He explained to me that he was petrified of hurting the baby or me, and that some of his buddies were telling him that when they had intercourse with their spouses closer to the end of their pregnancy they went into labor, which he didnt want to happen as he was supposed to be gone until after my due date to start with.


Oh hunny the same thing happened to me when I was pregnant. It was terrible and so isolating and lonely. I craved human contact and reassurance and got nothing. It hasn’t gotten much better 3 1/2 years later either. This is my 3rd kid and we had a huge gap in between the first 2 and the last one but I never expected him to act that way.:pensive: Hopefully you guys can work past it​:heart:

Boyfriend was cheating on me that’s why he was acting like that

Is this your first? Or his first? Some men are unsure of the pregnant body. Some are afraid of hurting the woman, others are turned off by the bump. Talk to him about why he won’t get intimate. Is he worried? Turned off? Or what? Do a date night and try to ignite the spark. He might not even know himself why he won’t get intimate.


Talk to him and see what’s up. There are countless ways to show he loves you.

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Just because y’all are having a rough time right now does not mean he is automatically cheating . My husband and I were like this with our first and it was mainly he felt weird because baby was moving and my hormones were crazy which caused me to over think and then start arguments but the second was absolutely different I absolutely did not want to be intimate and that made him want it more . Just hang in there

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