I am pregnant and noticed blood after sex: Thoughts?

I’m currently 37 weeks and two days pregnant. My boyfriend and I just had sex a few hours earlier. I went to the bathroom, and I noticed blood in my underwear and when I wiped. I was just wondering if I should be concerned or if it’s normal? It’s not heavy bleeding, but I was wondering if other moms had this happen. Thank you.


May be your mucus plug

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Blood is common after sex when you’re pregnant… but if you’re concerned call your OB. At 37 weeks you could go into labor any time and sex can start labor.


That happened to me with my first child. I went into labor that night.

Our cervix during pregnancy is very sensitive so if he poked it a few times it can cause bleeding. As long as you aren’t bleeding profusely or cramping heavily and it slows down in a few you should be ok but keep an eye on it and call your Dr if you are concerned!


It’s common after but I would double check and ring the hospital x

Could be labour starting in next 24 hours

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At 37 weeks labour can start anytime, and sex is one of the things that can trigger labour.
Pack up and go to the hospital right away. Blood is not a good sign during 37wks of pregnancy unless it’s onset of labour or miscarriage.


Very normal, but mention it to your OB just in case

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Normal…body’s getting ready for delivery time

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I had this exact thing with my third child. I was 38 weeks. I freaked and went to ER. My doctor said it was normal to have blood sometimes.

May b mucus plug. If there isnt any pain associated with it most likely it isnt anything serious but if u r concerned or there is pain involved call ur OB

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Sex caused me to go into labor then miscarry…I would call OB on the way to hospital

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It can be normal but I would watch it for awhile then call if it doesn’t stop in the next couple of hours u might be going into labor

Call your dr but don’t panic. 37 weeks is a full term pregnancy so you are probably fine!

Was it red red or pink and brown?

Could be the “bloody plug” (normal to loose before starting labor) No harm getting it checked out. Good news is, you’re in the safe zone for delivery! Congratulations and good luck :blush:

Orgasm can trigger labor. But blood after sex is pretty normal.

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Wow What is wrong with people? Call your Doctor instead of posting your business online


Probably either mucus plug or irritated cervix… doesn’t hurt to check with your dr tho