I am pregnant and swelling really bad: Advice?

I am currently 38 weeks and three days with my third; I have had the worst swelling in my entire body, but my feet and ankles have taken the beating the worst. Every crease and dermal ridge I have is dry or cracking I am at my wits end with all of the burning and itching from my skin being stretched so tight. Any advice?

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This could be an emergency. I would suggest calling your doctor or going to the ER. Do you have a blood pressure machine available? Check your blood pressure if you do.

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About the swelling; is your blood pressure ok?

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I advise giving birth. Hang in there.

Check your blood pressure and blood glucose levels. U may need to be on Lasix until the baby is born.

I suggest calling your health care provider

Talk with your doctor asap

See your dr or midwife it could preeclampsia…try and rest as much as you can with your feet up


I’d deff say you need to call your OB because pre-eclampsia is no joke. Both my freinds that were pregnant this yr had it. Both ended up with seizures so I’d be calling asap. Will they induce you its only like a week and half early. Best of luck momma

Palmers lotion with elastin worked great for the itch/dry relief in the ankles/feet skin wise, definitely elevate as often as you can & please get in touch with your Doctor!!

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I had this from high blood pressure. It can be bad if it’s not checked out.

Go see ya doctor, he might give you water tablets. Use Palmers coco butter on ya skin. You will feel soft again in no time x

Have you had your blood pressure checked? I know pre-eclampsia causes lots of swelling


Go to the doctor or er immediately i swelled so bad and ended up with a stroke water sweeled so bad on my octive nerves made me go blind for a month! Preclampsia is nothing to play with so I would get checked asap!!

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I was like that you need to get checked out make sure that you don’t have a blood clot in your legs that’s what they did for me or toxemia try to stay off ur feet prop up above heart and ur feet maybe put some vaseline on them and a sock before bed

Definitely go to triage!

Get medical advice x


Call your office for the on call doctor or head in to an ER to get checked!!


Go to the doctor. Don’t wait. Call the dr on call and go get checked for pre-eclampsia.


Sounds like toxemia. Have your blood pressure checked and lay on your left side. You will be on bedrest