I am pregnant and the father could be 2 different men: Advice?

I recently found out I am pregnant, and it is between 2 men. I am so scared to tell either of them the truth as I have already told them both, and they want to be the Dad. I want one to be more than the other, and I feel like if I am honest, I won’t have anyone to lean on during my pregnancy. And then I won’t have a future with either of them. Help what do I do?!


TELL THE TRUTH!!! And get a dna done

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Tell Them Both Be Honest

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you need to put your feelings to the side and do whats best your baby. they both should know that there is a chance they may not be and a dna needs to be done.


Tell the truth it willl all come out eventually and hurt less now

Why are people laughing?


You be honest and tell them both now! The last thing you want is to have your baby and have some guy have his heart set on it and then Do him like that! That would be totally fucked

Truth. You made your bed… now its time to deal with the natursl consequences.


For the sake of the child and potential father just be honest this isn’t some kind of joke!!


DNA test before birth is possible.
If too expensive for you to cover, see if y’all can split 3 ways. I’d pay the one who’s not dad back, lol but that’s just me🤷🏻‍♀️
Last I knew it was around 1200$ and not covered by insurance.

Your feelings are irrelevant actually, the child has a right to know who their father is and you don’t get to just pick your preference. Doesn’t work like that.
Woman up, be honest and get a DNA test.


Tell the truth. Be honest…be a grown up and take responsibility for what is happening. It’s a sucky situation, but any kind of lie , even a tiny one, will make things blow up in your face.
Time for DNA testing. Talk to both men, and get to the doctor and see how soon it can be done. Sooner the better.


Flip a coin dumb ass

Do they know ur sleeping with 2 men


What could u do ? Its normal . It happens …
explain to them both & get a dna test done lol


Honesty. A relationship won’t survive otherwise. Nor positive coparenting with dishonest. Trust issues will be a thing

You need to tell the truth for the health of your baby.

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It doesn’t matter what you want you dont lie to them about that kind of stuff that is just wrong. You rid what you did you need to be honest with them both.

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Well now you are in a wee bit of a pickle there hun.

I’m sure that is a bad feeling… unfortunately you really don’t have any other choice… unless you just don’t say anything else and go with the man you want with out doing a dna test. Of course you’ll feel guilty about that… so just tell them. You’ll feel relieved and everything will work out one way or another

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