I am pregnant and trying to quit vaping: Advice?

Okay, so I am about eight weeks pregnant… I vape… I am trying to stop completely, just trying to wing myself off of it… My nicotine is 6mg. My question is, have any other moms vaped either thru part of the pregnancy or the whole pregnancy? How did things go? Was everything okay with the unborn child? Again I am trying to stop doing pretty good for the most part compared to what I was doing.


I had 6 kids,smoked with them all… Grown up now and on their own.


Every pregnancy is different. I’m glad to hear that you are taking the initiative to quit! Just always ask yourself, though, “How worth it would it be IF something did happen?”.


Seek advice from doctor

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I just did. I switched down to 3mg but I vaped through my entire pregnancy. Had a healthy 7lb 11 oz baby boy with zero problems.


I smoked on my first couldnt stop healthy girl older having my 2nd gave up smoking and shes asthma strange the way these things go


Nicotine is not good for your baby. Period. It restricts the blood vessels that connect you and your baby via the placenta and umbical cord, therefore restricting blood flow and oxygen and other vital nutrients to your unborn child. It doesn’t matter if someone else had a normal child, that may not necessarily be the case for you or your baby. Is it an oral fixation or an actual nicotine addiction? Have you tried just vape flavors without nicotine?


why would you risk it? all of the chemicals you’re putting into your body and then passing onto your baby? is it worth it?


I smoked though my whole pregnancy, no problems at all, when I found out at 3mo pregnant I cut back drastically from a pack a day to 3 all day if that. And now I’m trying to quit vaping… I found gum helps a lot if you can


I quit everything when I was pregnant. And I just suffered through it to benefit my baby :relieved:


Talk to your doctor about ways to help you quit? :slight_smile: Just because some people smoked through their pregnancy and their kids turned out okay doesn’t make it okay or safe! There is always a chance that something could happen and you should definitely try to cut back as much as possible and quit. Just think your little one and how smoking could effect the baby! Thats what helped me when I quit! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: Good luck to you and your little one.


I quit smoking cold turkey when I found out I was pregnant I just kept making myself feel bad everytime I craved a smoke an telling myself my baby was more important


Slowly go down in mg. If you smoke out of habit smoke 0mg.

6 kids smoked throughout every pregnancy they are all A OK


Quit smoking advisor now advise vaping over smoking the risks to baba is so low compared to smoking.

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Quitting is best. However, they do make 0mg juice if you still need to feed the habit.

I’ve seen videos of baby in utero spasm because of smoking.
I’d say stop because you child doesn’t get a say in what’s happening to them


I smoked crack, baby is fine. Except seizures and lack of oxygen now and again and the down syndrome.


Try nicotine patches to wein yourself

If you care about the baby you quit cold turkey and chew gum or find an alternative like exercise. No one can guarantee it won’t hurt the baby… obviously