I am pregnant and was told the baby isn't gaining weight: Advice?

So I’m not sure if this is ok, but I really don’t have many people to talk to, and I just want some support or even someone else’s story. I am currently 26 weeks pregnant; about a week ago, they had told me that my baby isn’t gaining weight properly, and that is an issue. We’ve already done all the testing to check to see if it’s genetic, and it isn’t, we are happy to have an answer for that, but we don’t have any more answers. My OBGYN has informed me that if the baby hasn’t gained weight or for some awful reason she loses weight, they would like to do a C-section depending upon her growth. So from now to about 30 weeks and take the baby due to hers and my safety. I am terrified of the thought of her potential dying and losing my child. I do have a great support system between my husband and our sets of parents. They are all telling me that it’s gonna be ok and that this can happen. I can talk freely with them, but I just can’t get it out of my head of that “ what if’s”. I guess I’m just looking for some support or to hear that possibly someone else is or has been in the same boat as me. I don’t know anyone who is or was in the same boat as me.


I was told the same. I delivered a healthy 6lbs 11oz baby girl 1 week early

My first born weighed 3lbs 11oz and was born at 34weeks due to an emergency c section. He too wasn’t gaining weight, they did however tell me to keep counts (kick counts) if you notice a change go straight to the ER. I tried drinking healthy smoothies, eating as much as possible, anything that could increase your iron intake.

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When I was pregnant My oldest daughter (3) had placenta restriction. She was 4 pounds 8 oz at borth 37 weeks! I just got weekly ultrasounds and stress test 3 times a week! From 26-37 weeks… good luck mama! Stay positive, and it’s ok to be a little scared! Just talk with your doctor, they will help you understand more and tell you the positive things also!

I was told the same thing. I increased my protein. She was 15 days early 6lbs 7oz. I had high blood pressure.

They are telling me the same thing right now… my lil boy is small for 27 weeks but hes not losing weight just slowly gaining. Hes supposed to be around 2lbs right now and hes 1lbs 14oz so they just keep checking every two weeks with ultrasound and said probably be induced at 38 weeks if still small

Ive had 2 IUGR babies. Intrauterine growth restriction. They should also monitor the placenta and the cord blood flow at the umbilical cord to see if baby is getting everything baby needs from the placenta.

I am in a baby group for people due when I had my son (march 2020) and they have been great. There where a few that had to have their babies early due to iugr and those babies are all thriving and growing like weeds. No complications. So if that’s whats happening and your dr says its best to take the baby out earlier then its for the best and trust in your dr.

My second daughter was 5lbs 4oz and my fluids were very low. I went it for a routine check up and they sent me to the hospital to have her. I delivered a little over 2 weeks early. She gained alot of weight after i delivered.

I was told this but was told closer to the end where baby and you are supposed to gain weight and I wasn’t I just got so nervous and scared and my anxiety was so high but I finally just started piling on food and they kept telling me she was smaller than what she was but when it came time to deliver just before they said she was under a certain pound but gave birth and she was actually bigger than what they said so they are not always right they can get it wrong she was 6 pounds 7 oz when born and she is now a happy 2.5 year old so try not to stress so much it will be ok prayers to you and baby

I was told the same, my daughter was born 6lbs 5oz 39 weeks, they just kept an eye on her, ultrasound every week.

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Both of my children had growth restriction. The doctors have no idea why. My daughter was born at 36 weeks weighing 3 lbs and my son was born at 37 weeks weighing 4 lbs 10 oz. Once they came out they were perfectly fine my daughter only had to stay in the NICU for 3 days my son not at all. Hopefully everything turns out well for both of you I know it’ll be impossible but try not to stress too much the baby can feel your stress. At least your doctor’s have caught it early and are keeping an eye on it that’s always a good thing.

My cousins baby stopped growing she was 3lbs qt birth shes totally fine now :heart:

Happened to my last grandbaby. They had to take her around 28 weeks I think. She is doing great. Regular birth and came out screaming at the world for disturbing her. She was 3 lbs. Try not to stress like I did!

Same thing happened to me around week 24, started eating more protein and calcium, went back week 27 and she was closer to weight she was supposed be. I was induced at week 39 and she weighed 6 lbs 47 oz, everything was okay with her


Ask about circumvallate placenta! I had it with my first and they did growth monitoring at a specialist and they thought I had it with the one I’m currently pregnant with. (Thank god I don’t) just a thought. They can tell by ultrasound and should send you to a specialist.

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I was told the same with my second I was small and he stayed balled up mostly. They never was able to get a good measure of him. They prescribed me ensure to help him gain weight (they made me sick) nothing was “working” to get “him to gain weight” he was born healthy at 6lbs 9oz and the doctors and hospital staff apologized for everything they said when I was pregnant

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I had IUGR and delivered at 37 weeks, 5 lbs 9 oz at birth, 4 lb 11 oz when we left the hospital. The IUGR was due to a double knot in the cord

My almost 3 months old was delivered via C section at 33+1(I had a stroke, bleeding in my brain and preeclampsia) but she’s doing great now
Hang in there mama and just have faith, your little angel won’t leave you

Keep an eye on your blood pressure. All 3 of my babies were small and I ened up with pre-eclampsia with all 3.