I am pregnant and when I eat I get pains in my stomach: Advice?

I’m 12 weeks pregnant with baby #2. Along with morning sickness that’s all day, when I eat anything, I get pains in my stomach. I talked to my doctor about it and she said it could be acid reflux and to take tums after I eat. I did have bloodwork and ruled out any issues with my pancreas. I guess I’m wondering if anyone else had this, what it ended up being and what they did to help with the stomach pains.


I had stomach pains horrible when I was pregnant with my youngest but also I had gotten sick too and found out it was my gallbladder. I was 4 months pregnant and had it removed thankfully.

Sounds like it’s definitely reflux. I was on famotidine my entire pregnancy.

Try eating bland foods. And I was always told by my doctor not to take tums. Just tylenol. Pains could be from throwing up a lot. Try chicken noodle soup for a few days and crackers. Salt usually helps settle your stomach. But also make sure to drink tons of water because you don’t want o dehydrate yourself

I second the bad gallbladder. Had mine removed immediately after birth if my 1st child.

Suck on a lemon to take nausea away before eating I sucked on mints too to help calm my stomach

Could possibly be gallstones

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My guess would be gallbladder or gallstones. Are the pains localized to your abdomen or do they radiate from abdomen to your spine?

I had that as well- turned out to be my gallbladder. Got it removed after having my 1st child

I get awful stomach pains when I eat meat because my body can’t digest it properly. Could just be something with your digestion with baby. Look at enzymes idk if you can take them when pregnant or not

Sounds like the gallbladder. That isn’t fun at all

I’m on the gallbladder train…had mine out 8 months after I had my son

What kind of pains? Like shooting or stabbing pains or like you have a lead ball in your stomach pains?

Hyperemesis gravidarum

Pregnancy can cause gallstones. I never knew that until it happened to me. I had my baby and a few days after that, I had to get my gallbladder removed. They just thought it was heartburn the whole time I was pregnant.

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It could just be constipation that doesn’t necessarily feel like ur constipated. Ur hormones changing effects how your body move the bowels. Try drinking more water & setting goals for urself ( e.g. drink a half a bottle an hour) and check with ur midwife on a non stimulating stool softener that’s works best for you! Also, make sure you avoid laying down after you eat! And stretch :grin: seems too simple but I’m telling you, you feel TONS better.

I’m 22wks with my first pregnancy and I’m suffering, still vomiting, bloated all day. Have been on ondansetron and omeprazole since first trimester now I’ve just stopped every drug and I vomit and anguish away. I wonder if we’re really physiologically designed to be pregnant??? Pregnancy is tough and none ever tells you. “It’ll be all worth it” yeah right, while hubby gallivants all day#feelingsad

I have 5 children and after our first 2, I started having severe, mind numbing pain with most everything I ate and drank. 8 years and 3 pregnancies later, I’m finally diagnosed with gallstones and a severely inflamed gallbladder. I got relief after that long finally when I had my gallbladder surgery to remove it entirely. Praying for answers sweetie


First lemonade helps morning sickness. Lemons are high in B6, which pregnant women are low in. 2nd it could be your gallbladder, especially if the meal had grease in it. Look up foods that produce gallbladder attacks and see if you are eating them. You may need to have an ultrasound of your gallbladder. It can be removed if you meet the criteria, pregnant or not.


Could definitely be fall bladder, could also just be your tummy stretching out! Definitely tell the doctor if it continues!! Trapped gas is hella painful too, like so bad it will even take your breath, had me thinking I had kidney stones had me hurting In my back and around the sides to the front so bad!! Lol so it could be something minor or could indeed be gallstones etc, so give it a few days and see how you feel, then get back to the doctor if it hasn’t improved at all!!